A Day in the Life of a SmartLearner Instructor

How a driving instructor spends their day balancing lessons with lunch breaks whilst remaining in their vehicles may seem difficult to some. We have taken a few examples from 4 of our instructors, to see how they provide excellent service to customers whilst juggling personal needs.

Moh - Automatic Lessons

The first thing on Moh’s diary is to always stop by our SmartLearner office to say hello to our office staff. With his bubbly personality and his fresh creps, he is guaranteed to put a smile on our faces. He then leaves for his first lesson of the day.

Lessons for Moh begins at 9am where he travels all over Coventry and ventures out to do lessons in Rugby until around 7pm. As well as teaching learner drivers, Moh is also one of our instructor trainers. Anyone who wants to begin their journey to become a driving instructor Moh is here to help.


Rest assured Moh is never far from the wheel as his favourite game to play is Mario Kart, he is quite the champion. When he is not teaching on the road he is a pedestrian, enjoying long walks with his family. He then likes to go home and enjoy lovely food cooked by himself and his talented daughter.

In a typical week Moh will complete around 50 hours of work. Even after a long hard day at work he still manages to find time to stay dedicated to his family and maintain his reputation of being a kind, sociable person. 

Laila- Automatic Lessons

Starting her day at 6am our instructor Laila has an early wake up call to prepare her for the busy day ahead. Before even leaving the house Laila cooks a family breakfast and prepares packed lunches for herself and her 2 young children. She then faces what she says is her biggest challenge of her day, the dreaded school run. Once she has completed the school run, she likes to head to the nearest costa for her much needed morning coffee fix.

Lessons begin at 10am, where Laila travels around Coventry¹, Leamington, and warwick. She is well known for her very organised diary, where she likes to teach in the same area each day. In her breaks between lessons, believe it or not, Laila heads to Costa again.

As well as being a dedicated mum juggling work and home klife, Laila likes to take time to get to know her learners and form a bond with them.

In a typical week, Laila will complete around 22 hours of teaching. Not to mention all of the extra work she has when she gets home. After all her hard work, she ends the day with a glass of milk and manages to catch the end of coronation street.

Jeanette - Manual Lessons

Before even beginning lessons, our instructor Jeanette makes a journey to Hinkley to do the college run for her teenage son. Duty calls as she then heads straight to work to begin her lessons for around 9am. Covering Coventry and Bedworth areas, Jeanette likes to have a short break in between lessons for travel time only. She is well known in our office for calling and making the team laugh with her best ‘joke of the day’. Another recognisable feature is her amazing choice of perfume.

Jeanette completes around 35 hours of lessons per week and is dedicated to ensuring her learners are given as much feedback as possible. Learners often recognise her for her kind, bubbly personality.

Around 6pm all lessons are done for the day, this is when Jeanette heads home to do her washing and cook dinner. The most exciting time of the day for our instructor is taking her dog for a walk. She likes this time of the evening as she can stretch her legs instead of being sat in her car. The biggest highlight of the week is Saturday night where she can enjoy a glass of wine after a long week dedicated to her job.

Faridoon- Manual Lessons

On the road for his first lesson at 9am our instructor Faridoon likes to get his day started bright and early. Before he gets ready to sit in the car teaching all day. He is usually at the gym for an early morning session. He has not let Covid restrictions stop him as he can be spotted on his daily run every morning.

After a busy morning building adrenaline, he uses all of his energy to complete a jam-packed day of lessons covering Coventry. Finishing his lessons on an average day at around 8pm, Faridoon clearly shows he is a dedicated instructor who likes to put the effort and time into supporting his students as much as he can! He also likes to bring in sweet treats for our office staff. 

Like a lot of our instructors, if you were to ask Faridoon what his lifeline is at work, there would only be one answer, Several cups of coffee!

Once all lessons are finished for the day Faridoon heads home to sit back and relax before another day of work begins. On a standard week Faridoon will complete around 45 hours of lessons per week. It is safe to say he deserves an early night!

Driving lessons will be resuming again from the 12th of April, with the practical driving tests returning from the 22nd of April. SmartLearner Driving School are currently taking pre bookings for lessons, you can call 0800 118 2001 to speak to our office staff and book your lessons in time for April.

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