Ageing Driver Support

“Age is not a barrier to driving, it is about the fitness to drive.”

Ageing Driver Support

How does age affect driving?

Every individual ages differently, so there is no arbitrary cut-off as to when someone should stop driving. However, older adults particularly those who are within the age range of 60-75+ have a significantly higher crash death rate, that in comparison to middle age drivers (45-54) this may be primarily due to increased vulnerability and frailty to injury in a crash. This is why it may be beneficial to suggest ageing driver support to your elderly relatives/friends.

What causes this increase?

As we age, inevitable factors such as decreased vision, impared hearing, slower motor reflexes & worsening health conditions can become a complication, that elder drivers need to take into consideration. Ageing also tends to result in a reduction of strength, coordination and flexibility, which can impact your ability to safely control a car.

The Statistics

UK statistics, according to DVSA, estimates that there are approximately a total of 5.4 million motorists on the road in Britain who are over the ages of 70 which was recorded at the end of May 2019. 

1 %
of uk drivers Believe Older Drivers Should be Banned
1 %
Increase in road accidents involving a older driver
1 %
increase in drivers 60+ being fataly injured due to accident

We Are Here To Help - Ageing Driver Support

Do you have any concerns about an elder relative in your family in regard to their driving? SmartLearner is here to assist and provide significant information you may need to know.


If you believe, notice or recognise any red flags or warning signs of unsafe driving in your elder relatives, call SmartLearner on 0800 118 2001, we will provide a free consultation through the phone to see if we should set up an evaluation lesson with one of our specially trained instructors.


Smartlearner aims to help all ageing drivers strengthen their independence and confidence whilst driving. SmartLearner has instructors who have undergone additional training to help them teach more senior drivers.

Free Consultation

Are you concerned about the driving of a friend or relative because of their age? If so, why not contact us and schedule a call with one of our instructors who specialise in ageing driver support.

Qualified Instructors

We have instructors who are specifically trained on how to accommodate to seniors that may want to drive or re-learning how to.

1-2-1 Theory Training

SmartLearner offers one to one driving theory sessions, whether online tutoring or face to face. SL can assist older drivers in educating them on road safety and proper practices when driving.

Simulated Driving Lessons

Smart Learner further accommodates learners who may have not driven in building their confidence with the driving simulator.