Do intensive courses create safe drivers?

People choose intensive courses because of the manageable timings. If you are working and need to take driving qualifying tests then an intensive course is a great idea for you. Because of this driving course, you can learn driving in no time. The intensive courses differ in timings. Some courses last for 1 week, and some for only a few hours such as 5, and 10 hours.

intensive courses

If you want to become a safe and qualified driver then your course length does not matter. You also can be expertise in a few hours. It depends on your learning capability. In case of intensive or crash courses, you should have some theoretical knowledge of driving in advance.

Is an intensive course right for you?

If you want to learn driving in a quick time then the intensive course is the right choice for you. In many cases, people don’t want a gap in consecutive learning sessions so that they don’t forget any driving basic. In intensive courses, you have to take long driving sessions which will help you in better remembering of driving skills.

intensive courses

Why choosing an intensive course can be beneficial for you?

The intensive courses are considered cost-efficient if you are able to pay a lump sum. Instead of learning from six to eight months, you can get driving skills in a smaller time frame. The pass rate in intensive courses is better than regular or traditional courses. You will be able to remember better and can pass the qualifying driving tests in just a few days. You can talk to the Intensive driving course Leicester professionals who will guide you about which type of driving course is more suitable for you according to your availability and driving skills.

intensive courses

SmartLearner driving school professionals can instruct you for the Intensive crash course Leicester services. You will be trained with Leicester based DVSA-approved driving instructors.

Reasons to take Automatic driving lessons Birmingham

After joining a driving school, you have the main two options such as learning manual, and automatic driving lessons. The manual driving lessons are learned on manual transmissions whereas, for automatic driving lessons, you need automatic driving vehicles. Now, most of the people are preferring automatic driving lessons because there are more automatic cars coming. The main benefit of learning automatic vehicles is that you can learn very easily and also will be professional in driving in a few days.

Why take automatic driving lessons Birmingham

In Birmingham, you will find many driving centers and in addition to it, you will be able to contact certified or DVSA-approved driving instructors who can help you in qualifying all driving tests with ease. Here, you can learn your automatic driving lessons in different types of courses such as regular (traditional), intensive, and hours-based courses.

The regular courses are long-duration courses and those people who are beginners, and need all completed knowledge of driving, prefer to choose regular or traditional courses for proper training of cars. In many cases, people forget some basics of driving which affect them later while taking the theory part of driving exams.

Automatic driving lessons

If you want to do an intensive course then you can learn driving lessons in a shorter time frame. The aim of all intensive courses is to get learners passed in the quickest way possible. You can cover your intensive courses in just one week and these intensive courses have long learning sessions because to complete whole driving training as fast as possible. In the long sessions, you can remember the driving basics for a longer period of time. There is very little time available between the consecutive driving lessons. This is the main reason that people who do intensive courses are prepared well, and also have a high pass rate. You need to remember one more thing, before joining any intensive or crash course, you should have some theoretical knowledge of the driving in advance.

Automatic driving lessons

There are also some driving lessons that are hourly-based. These courses are just of few hours such as 5 hours, and 10 hours of training. People do this type of training to get into the real experience of driving. You also can use “simulator training” for this type of few-hours driving sessions. If you are experienced and just want to get some experience of driving then this simulator training is a good choice for you.

All the above different types of driving lessons are covered in automatic driving courses. The automatic courses are easy to learn and for a beginner, the automatic driving lesson is the best choice. It is better you search certified or renowned an Automatic driving school Birmingham in your region as there are also many fraud driving instructors present. You should ask your relative, or friend who has done driving courses before, to get to know about any particular driving center. You can also check the DVSA database to gather information about your instructor.

Automatic driving lessons


SmartLearner driving school professionals can help you in getting affordable automatic driving lessons of any type i.e. regular, or intensive and you can also ask for the ADI training to become a DVSA-approved instructor.









Returning back to school and university

Returning School

Returning to school or University may feel intimidating after the lockdown period.

Having to self-isolate and go into lockdown is not something that the younger generation has ever witnessed before. Going back to education can be a scary jump for many, as life after lockdown in the classroom will be a lot different from what they are used to.

Social distancing and safety measures will be in place, including:

  • Staggering the start and close time of the school day, so that students are not pilled together leaving and entering.
  • Staggering mealtimes, so that there are fewer students together at a set time when having lunch.
  • Moving classes to temporary spaces or outdoors, to help students to get fresh air and not be closed in a confined space.
  • Holding school in shifts, to reduce class size. Using a different timetable method, having shorter school days.

Water and hygiene facilities will be an important part in the return process. Places to stop and wash or sanitize hands should be spread around the school and easy to access.

Hand sanitizer should be available when leaving and entering classrooms, and desks, stationary and resources should be wiped clean before and after using them.

Remember to be safe and respectful to others when returning to education, keep a distance from classmates, and maintain hygiene.


Phone: 0800 18 2001.


What you need to know before starting a crash course?

Driving crash course Warwick professionals can help you in passing your upcoming driving exams in a short duration of time. The crash courses are getting very much popular because you can do all your driving learning very quickly. Now, people are so busy that they prefer crash courses and also choose hours-based courses which can suit your timing.

Before starting the crash courses, you need to know some negative points of these courses. Some people join the course without any research and regret later.

crash courses

The main point is that you don’t get enough time behind the wheel as you get in longer-duration (regular) driving courses. If you are a beginner, you will get problems with short courses. Still, people go for short courses because most of them don’t have patience and want to complete their driving courses in a quick time.

If you have previously taken a few driving lessons and just want a crash course ahead of a qualifying test then you can take crash courses of few hours such as 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours, and 30 hours courses, both for automatic and manual. The affordable cost varies from £ 180.00 to £ 990.00; depends on manual and automatic driving courses. These Cheap driving lessons Warwick is a great opportunity for you and start your crash course without any second thought

crash courses

Are crash courses safe?

There are some misconceptions that crash courses are not safe because of less experience behind the wheel, but it’s not true as in short courses, you get the same driving lessons but for a longer duration at a time which in fact prepare you better for the driving exams. In a survey, it is proven that people who do crash or intensive courses have a better pass percentage compare to people who do regular or traditional courses.

SmartLearner driving school professionals who are DVSA-approved can instruct you for both shorter and longer duration driving courses. You can also ask for affordable ADI training if you want to make your career as a driving instructor.

Are intensive driving course Leicester worth it?

When you about to start any driving course, you have lots of options such as getting intensive courses, or regular courses (traditional courses) and moreover, you can learn manual or automatic driving lessons according to your convenience. Now more people are inclined to intensive courses because of the time issues. In recent times, the number of people who did intensive courses has been increased.

People are giving positive reviews to the intensive courses because of various benefits which are described below:

intensive driving


  1. These courses proceed at a much faster pace

Because of this reason, most of the people prefer intensive courses. You can learn driving really quickly as these courses can be completed in a week. The main thing is that you have to attend multiple sessions in one week and you will be fully prepared for the driving tests.

  1. The cost-effective solution

In intensive courses, people give upfront costs which may be higher but it is totally worth it. It is better to pay altogether which will save your money at later stages of the courses.

intensive driving

3.  Can remember better

When you do intensive courses, you can remember your driving lessons for a long time because of the successive driving sessions which are of longer durations. By spending more time behind the wheel in one go, your driving skills will be sharper.

4.  Good record

People who do intensive courses have a better pass rate as compare to people who do regular or traditional courses. It is because of the longer sessions where a person can learn effectively. You don’t need to wait longer for other sessions, unlike regular courses.

Get affordable Driving lessons Leicester from renowned smartLearner driving school and also get training to become an approved driving instructor (ADI). You are free to choose any course which can fit into your work-timing without any problem.



Theory test – social distancing Coventry 

Changes have been made to the way that the theory test is being sat. Although the price is still the same (£23), social distancing is now in place. At least one metre needs to be kept from other individuals. 

theory test centre

The test centres should have the following measures in place:


Floor markings, to ensure people follow arrows to entrances and exits. This way there is a one-way system to prevent people from crossing paths. 


Gaps between workstations, allow the one metre distance to be maintained. 


Cleaning workstations before a new candidate starts and once they leave will prevent the spread of coronavirus. Staff should make sure they are doing this. 


Using screens at the reception desk to keep staff safe, germs and bacteria cannot be spread this way. 


Hand sanitizer should be on hand before entering the centre and before leaving, to ensure any bacteria will be killed. 


Staff wearing face coverings to prevent bacteria coming from and entering the nose and mouth area, keeping it contained within the mask. 


Face coverings should be worn to your theory test unless you are exempt for medical reasons and hold a form of proof for this. 


Are Intensive courses more worthy than regular courses?

When you start your driving classes, you have two options i.e. regular and intensive courses (crash courses). The driving lessons can be limited according to your availability and nowadays, most of people prefer to do short courses to save their time. If you have very little time available for the driving tests then you can start various types of intensive or crash courses. Some courses are of only a few hours, but in the case of limited-time courses, you have to learn driving lessons continuously means very little time gap between successive driving lessons.

Before you choose any driving course, it is better to do research or you can find affordable & good driving schools in your particular city by searching as ‘Driving Lessons near me Leicester’.

Intensive courses

Cases where intensive courses are better than regular (conventional) courses

  • If you want to take driving tests as soon as possible then intensive courses are a suitable option for you. These courses mostly focus on the practical part so that you can learn quickly. You should know some theoretical basics to get more benefits from short courses.
  • In case of the course fee, you have the option to pay 1 set fee for all parts of the intensive course such as the theory test, lessons, and practical test.

There are also some people who think that regular courses are better than crash courses because you will have more time to learn the driving and also these courses are more suitable for beginners because all basics are covered. Below, look for some scenarios when regular courses are more in demand than short or intensive courses:

Intensive courses

  • If you want to learn at your own pace and get some practice then a standard or regular course is a better option. In these courses, you will have more experience of driving on roads.
  • When you join any driving course the first time then you will have to learn from scratch. In this case, a regular course can help you in understanding driving more effectively, and also, you will get more time gap in between the driving lessons which will provide you more practice time.

Start learning from cheap driving lessons Leicester which will not only make you an expert in driving but also will save your hard-earned money.

Requirements to become an approved driving instructor (ADI)

There are some rules and responsibilities of driving instructors which you should know. If you want to make a career as an approved driving instructor (ADI) then there are some requirements and responsibilities described below which will help you in becoming a driving instructor.

driving instructor (ADI)

  1. Legal requirements
  • You should be 21 or over
  • You must be qualified to drive the same category of vehicle you are supervising them in
  • Full license for that category for at least 3 years

To legally charge anyone, you must follow any one of the below:

  • You should be on the ADI register
  • You must have a trainee driving instructor license
  1. Responsibilities
  • You should have a responsible attitude to your pupils
  • You have to show a high standard of driving and instructional ability
  • Follow all safety procedures
  • Show a professional approach to your customers

driving instructor (ADI)

  1. Criminal record checK

There are some factors taken into account for checking criminal records

  • The seriousness of any offense
  • The circumstances surrounding an offense and your explanation also matters
  • Whether the circumstances have changed since the offense has done
  • Is there a pattern of offending behavior

In Birmingham, you will get various opportunities for getting training in ADI. For safety purposes, there is also the availability of Female driving instructors Birmingham for women.

If you are going to start your ADI training then you can also search as Driving instructor near me Birmingham and you will get more options near you and it is important that you do proper research before taking training from any driving instructor.

Lockdown affects on lessons – student driving lessons

As we are all aware due to the current climate, the certainty of things in day to day life has become lesser. This means that activities such as going to the gym, getting your favorite beauty treatments, and learning to drive have been affected.

 How have driving lessons been affected?

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the lockdown lessons stopped for non-key workers and also key workers who didn’t have a test booked in. This meant that a lot of people who were progressing toward being ready for the test were stopped in their tracks which can have a big effect on student driving lessons.

For students who were close to passing this can be a stressful and uncertain time, lessons resumed for all non-key workers on the 6th of July but due to the restrictions put in place by the government, everything became a bit different. When in the vehicle all learners are required to wear a face mask unless exempt for medical reasons. The instructors are having to take time between lessons in order to fully wipe down any surfaces in the car and ensure that they are taking all precautions necessary.

It can be scary for people to return to life how it was pre-COVID-19 and also starting lessons after a break can cause a lot of back steps. 

What can you do to improve?

In order to improve your driving after lockdown ensure that you are having regular lessons with your instructor and that you are going back over anything you may have forgotten during the break. Do not feel embarrassed or like you’re not progressing if you have to go over something a few times, we all make mistakes!

What is happening with tests?

All practical and theory tests were stopped unless you were a key-worker who had an emergency test booked in. Tests resumed from the 22nd July. The DVSA is prioritizing anyone who had their test canceled during lockdown and ensuring that they are given the opportunity to rebook first but they are going to announce when people can book in a new test.

We have a variety of student driving lesson courses available on our website.

For updates on Government guidelines please visit.

Strange UK Driving laws

This blog post explains some of the UK driving laws that you may not be aware existed.

You cannot use your phone to pay at a drive-through.

Driving laws are in place which do not allow holding or using a mobile phone when in control of a motor vehicle.  As going through a drive-through is still classed as being behind the wheel this is considered against the law.

Drive through

You cannot splash people with puddles on purpose. 

Although you may see this as a funny joke between friends, you should not do this. You can find yourself with a fine and penalty points on your license. 

splashing with a puddle

You cannot beg others for change for a parking meter. 

Begging others for change can lead to a charge under the Vagrancy Act 1824, this makes begging for change no matter what the situation illegal. It is important to keep change at hand so that if you are faced with this situation you will be able to pay the meter. 

Pay and display - Wikipedia

Failing to clear snow. 

You may feel reluctant to clear snow away before making your journey to work in the morning, especially if it is cold outside. You may want to get in your car as quickly as possible to warm up. Even if you do clear the snow off of your windscreen and blind spots, many people forget the roof. Forgetting the snow on your roof, based on driving laws can land you a £60 fine and 3 penalty points. As leaving the snow on your roof can cause accidents for other road users, behind.  

Snow on car

Warning other drivers of speed cameras. 

Whilst you may feel that you are doing a good deed, you are putting yourself at risk of getting a fine. Flashing your lights at the oncoming vehicles as a warning is classed as obstructing police of their duties. You can be fined up to £1000 for doing this, based on driving laws. 

speed camera

Failing to restrain a pet. 

Even if you have a small pet that can be held, such as a Chihuahua, although they are small enough to be held on a person’s lap, you still need to use correct restraints. The correct restraints include a seat belt harness, dog cage, or pet carrier. You could receive a £5000 fine and 9 penalty points on your driving license. 

Pet restraint