Benefits of Intensive Driving Courses

Learning to drive can be a long process and requires a great deal of time and money.
In average, new drivers typically undertake between 40 to 50 hours of driving before they pass their practical driving test. This has resulted in the emergence of a different form of driving lesson, now more individuals are opting to learn how to drive in shorter and much more rigorous time periods. These are known as intensive driving courses.

What is an intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course is initially a ‘crash course’ where new learners can book straight set of hours for driving lessons. So, in comparison to your standard lesson being 1 hour, learners have the luxury within their grasp to choose different options; Smartlearner offer choices ranging from 5 hours, 10 hours, up to 20. These intensive courses can range from 5 hours per week to 5 hours per day.

Essentially, intensive driving lessons teach learners in a shorter timeframe than usual, the aim of all intensive courses is to get learners passed in the quickest and safest way possible. SmartLearner provides these intensive driving courses for learners who wish, or rather prefer learning in a concentrated method.

What is the difference between an intensive and advanced driving course?

Intensive driving courses and advanced driving courses are ultimately different. Advanced driving courses are an optional extra that you can take once you have passed your practical test. They are not essential but can assist to refine and hone your road skills, making you a safer and more competent driver.

What are the benefits of intensive driving courses?

1. One of the biggest benefits of an intensive course is the time. Often, individuals and learners who undertake an intensive course will have a week scheduled off work or duties. Instead of learning over a period of six to eight months, some may prefer to compress driving lessons into a smaller time frame, thus meaning, everything can be done and dusted in less than a fortnight.

2. Another further advantage would be regarding the price of intensive driving courses in comparison to standard driving lessons. These intensive courses are generally cheaper and less expensive than standard conventional driving sessions.

SmartLearner offer and provide block packages of Automatic lessons within Coventry and Warwickshire 5 hours being £140, 10 hours for £140 and 20 hours for £520. Manual sessions lean further on the cheaper side, with a block of 5 hours being £130, 10 hours for £250 and 20 hours for £480 within Coventry. When these prices are compared to normal prices of a standard lesson, individuals will find that purchasing block sets of lessons will be much cheaper. A great option if you are in search of lower cost driving lessons.

3. In SmartLearner driving school, all sessions are one-on-one, face-to-face which means that learners will have the full and undivided attention of their assigned local driving instructor. Any inquiries learners have, their instructors will be able to assist and answer there and then.

4. New learners are often overwhelmed and nervous when beginning to drive on the roads. Intensive driving courses tackle this head-on, which eventually and gradually increases a new learner’s confidence on the road with every hour or day that passes.

Should you take an intensive course?

Everyone works differently. Some individuals thrive off the pressure, in a concentrated manner, eager to quickly pass their driving test as quickly as possible, and some may want to spread their sessions out through the weeks and months, learning at their own pace with steadiness. As a learner, it is subjective and all up to personal preference!

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