Why intensive driving courses have a higher pass rate?

In the case of intensive courses, you learn driving in a shorter frame of time. The content of the courses is the same but it is tailored to focus on areas where the learner is not comfortable or has a weakness. The main benefit of these courses is that you have the option of choosing any hours-durations according to your skill level. By shortening the time between the driving sessions, you need less time to catch up and it is also cost-efficient.

Why people often choose Intensive driving lessons Solihull?

Here, you will learn the driving basics in a quick time. If you have some driving skills before starting your course then it will benefit you more. There are some other positives of these intensive driving lessons, mentioned below:

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  • You will be trained at a very fast rate; in quick driving sessions, everything you learn will be fresh in your mind.
  • Driving schools offer you various intensive courses of flexible timings which allow you to learn driving in your busy schedule.
  • Your intensive course can be a cheap option for you if you are learning for a shorter duration of time. There are some driving schools that give discounts because many people register in bulk quantities.

Apart from the above benefits, you will remember the intensive driving lessons for a long time because of getting driving lessons of less time gap in between them. You won’t forget your previous lessons which will make you more capable of passing the driving exams. If you compare, you will find people who do intensive driving courses have a higher pass rate than people who prefer regular or normal driving courses.


Choose the Best driving school in your region and start your intensive driving course. You should have all information regarding your chosen driving school and driving instructor. You can take the help of SmartLearner driving school instructors who are experienced & certified and can assist you in choosing a suitable driving lesson for you.

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