Parking Outside of Schools During Lockdown

As children remain in school through the second Lockdown, there is still the weekday rush for parents to get their kids to school and find parking spaces.

The Highway Code states: “You MUST NOT wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers, on school entrance markings.” (Highway Code rule 238, Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.)

Many schools are located within residential areas, knowing where to park for parents can be a stressful task, especially if time is against them.

Drivers who are waiting outside schools on ‘keep clear’ or ‘no parking zones’ can receive a £70 on-the-spot fine.


Parking on a double yellow can also result in a £70 fine, even if you are just dropping your children off.

Parking Outside of Schools During Lockdown – double yellows

A single-yellow line also means you cannot park. However, this will be limited to certain times which will be shown on a sign nearby.

Parking Outside of Schools During Lockdown – single yellow lines

A regular sight outside schools is yellow zig-zag lines. These lines mean parking is strictly prohibited at any time unless signs nearby state otherwise.

Parking Outside of Schools During Lockdown – zig zag yellow lines

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What should you consider before booking your driving lessons?

When you about to start the driving lessons, you should have some basic things in your mind which will help you in choosing your particular driving course. Before you search for a driving lesson, your first thought should be which type of driving course can benefit you most.

The points mentioned below which you need to think about:

  • How much will my driving lesson cost?

It is important that you check costs in advance so that you don’t get issues later. The best way to get good deals on your driving lessons is by comparing different driving school’s packages.

driving lessons Redditch

  • Finding the best driving instructor

You should think twice before choosing a driving instructor as an experienced one can help you in learning driving according to proper guidelines. You need to make sure that your instructor is right for you. Choose someone who has a good reputation, is reliable and punctual, and has a car that suits you.

  • What type of lessons will you take?

Another important thing to think about is the type of lessons you are going to take. You can choose according to your availability and budget. Many people choose intensive driving courses Redditch, due to the fast completion of the course, which also has a high percentage rate.

  • What car will you choose?

When it comes to the car, often you don’t get a choice as it will be your driving instructor’s standard car. If you are purchasing your own car, you should ensure that you are ensured too.

driving lessons Redditch

  • Automatic or manual?

You have two options that are automatic and manual transmissions. If you want to learn automatic then you would be qualified to drive only automatic vehicles but in the case of manual cars, you will legally be able to drive both manual and automatic.

You can start your SmartLearner driving lessons Redditch after consider all the above points. By making mind on basic things, you can learn the driving lessons better and also will be capable to pass all qualifying exams.

Road Safety Week – country roads

The importance of slowing down on country roads

This week is Road Safety Week! This blog highlights the importance of driving carefully on country roads.

On country roads, cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders can be easily hidden. Urban roads speeding problems are being tackled, but what about country roads?

Authorities are putting more 20 mph zones in place in residential areas where people socialize, children play, and schools are near.

60/50 mph is a dangerous speed to implement on roads where pedestrians are present.


The number of people killed on country roads is nearly 11 times higher than on motorways.


40% have been surprised by an unexpected hazard, such as an animal. Hazards can be easily hidden when country roads have bends, as you are not able to see the hazard until it is in front of you. When driving in rural areas, it is important to expect hazards, for example, if traveling around a bend slow down, there may be a cyclist. You will then have enough time to react.

Country roads have higher speeds than urban roads, they also tend to be a lot narrower.


Remember to:


  • Read the road ahead and anticipate potential hazards.
  • Drive at a speed that allows you to stop in good time.
  • Stay in control and give yourself time to react by braking before a bend, not on it.
  • Give cyclists and horse riders plenty of space when overtaking, do not rush past, be patient.


Stay safe during Road Safety Week!

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What you can expect for your first in-car driving lesson experience?

In your first-in car driving lesson, you may feel nervous, or have lots of thoughts in the mind. There are some common things that always happen when you go for your first driving practice. You can also ask your friend or relative who can help you by sharing his first driving experience.

Below, look for things that are likely to occur during your first in-car driving experience:

  • You will have to bring your learner’s approval or permit

To legally be allowed to drive in your first in-car driving lesson, the driving instructor will definitely ask to see your learner’s permit or student license; you must keep this with you while learning the driving lessons.

  • Lots of Q & A

During your first in-car driving lessons, there are high chances that you will ask many questions to remove all doubts regarding the driving. Your instructor will be ready to provide you with answers to make you more confident.

Driving Lessons near me Warwick

  • New COVID-19 driving lesson policies

In this ongoing pandemic, it is sure that you will notice some changes; the COVID-19 adjustments are done to keep students and instructors safe. These changes include: wearing a face mask, use of gloves while driving, your temperature will be checked upon arrival, follow social distancing, and many more.

  • The instructor will relax you

It is normal to feel anxious when going for the first driving session. Your instructor is trained to ease you into driving. Take a deep breath and feel relax; after some time, you will find yourself enjoying the drive.

Driving Lessons near me Warwick

If have a plan to go for Driving lessons Warwick then the above points will prepare you in advance. You will be more motivated while driving the first time. Your first in-car driving lessons experience is important to decide how quickly you can learn driving.

By searching as Driving Lessons near me Warwick, you will get lots of driving options near you and can start your driving course without any difficulty.

Driving during lockdown: What the latest restrictions mean.

Changes to rules and new restrictions are being put in place ready for the second lockdown.

You are still able to drive your vehicle for the following reasons during lockdown:
  • Travelling to work if you cannot work from home.
  • Taking your child to school or travelling to college or university or for caring purposes.
  • Attending medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health.
  • Visiting venues that are open, including essential retail, going to a shop or pharmacy for groceries or medicine.
  • Travelling to exercise, i.e parks.

All roads and motorways remain open but you should only be driving if it is absolutely necessary or for the above reasons.


Will garages and petrol stations be open?

Garages are classed as an essential business, they will remain open.

They will continue to offer services as required, with many developing social distancing or zero-contact methods of vehicle handover to protect staff and customers.

Petrol stations are also listed as essential business and will stay open. Many are encouraging customers to maintain social distancing by using pay-at-pump facilities wherever possible.

petrol station

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What to look for in a best driving school?

Before joining any driving school, it is important that you do all verifications because there are many driving schools that are unregistered and also are frauds. You can ask your relative or friends while selecting any particular school. Below, there are some main points which will help you in finding a suitable driving school for you:

  • Licensed, and Accreditation

There are many driving schools in your town that may be unregistered or having no license. It would be good for you if you gather all information about your school on the DVSA database. You should also check the accreditation or achievements of your chosen school.

driving school

  • Get to know the background of your assigned instructor

You are paying a hefty amount to a driving school so it is necessary to make efforts to ensure all things. Make sure that your instructor has passed a background check and has no criminal records. You can talk to the instructor to know his/her nature.

It is an important point as you should know about your all driving lessons’ cost so that you don’t get feelings of cheating after the completion of the course. You may check the website of your particular driving school to get updated about its various driving course prices.

driving school

  • Flexible lesson timings

In a good driving school, it is sure that you will get flexible driving lessons which can suit your busy schedule. You can select your driving course according to your convenience.

  • Reviews

You can also ask the people or check on the internet to know about the reviews of the driving school. You should do proper research and then take the decision of investing your hard-earned money in a particular driving school.

You should do notice of all the above things before choosing the best driving school in your particular region such as the best driving school Nuneaton and you will get all your chosen priorities.

How do you know if a bus lane is suspended?

bus lane
How do you know if a bus lane is suspended?

A bus lane is marked with either dashed white lines or a solid white line.

The solid white lines mark out the edge of the bus lane and should not be crossed while it is in operation.

The dashed white lines signify the beginning and end of the lanes, as well as points where it’s acceptable for vehicles to cross into it.

They will also have the words ‘bus lane’ marked along the road.

When can’t bus lanes be used? 

All bus lanes have blue signs signalling their times of operation. 

The sign will usually show a time period, and the days of the week when restrictions for non-buses are to be taken notice of.

Sometimes they’ll show two sets of times (e.g. Mon-Fri 6.30 – 10.30am, 3.30 – 5.30pm).

If there are no times are shown on the sign then this means the lane is in operation 24 hours a day and can’t be used at any point by unauthorised vehicles.

When can bus lanes be used? 

If you’re driving outside a bus lane’s operating hours, then you can use it as long as it’s safe and states it is not in use. 

Be aware that not using a bus lane when it’s safe or it is still in operation during your driving test could result in a marking down.

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The UK set to ban use of mobile phones when driving.

mobile phone

The UK set to ban use of mobile phones when driving. 

The government is set to update the law to ban drivers in the UK from using mobile phones at all whilst driving. The current law states drivers are not allowed to send texts or make calls when driving. 

However it is not illegal to do other activities, such as scroll through music, play games or take photos from behind the wheel. 

The government has said the change is due to come into law after a 12 week public consultation. The new law will allow police to take intermediate action if they see a driver holding or using a phone at the wheel.


 The offence could lead to a £200 fine and six points. 


When driving you will still be able to use your phone as a sat nav as long as you’re not physically holding the phone. Buying a mount for your window or dash board will make sure that the phone is hands free. 

Police can prosecute for driving without due care and attention if they see a motorist touching the device to type in instructions whilst at the wheel. If you need to reset the sat nav, pull over where safe to do so and type type these instructions.

In 2019, there were 637 casualties on Britain’s roads. These included 18 deaths and 135 serious injuries.

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Theory changes – scary times as begin!








Worried about continuing theory practise after the new changes? 

Going into the unknown can be a scary thought, recent changes have been made to the UK theory law. The DVSA have decided to change the theory test to include 3 multiple choice questions based on a short video clip.  

The theory test previously required you to read a case study and answer 5 questions about it. It now requires a short video clip and answer 3 multiple choice questions about the clip. 

You may be thinking how does this work, the video clip will be silent and you will be able to re-watch the clip throughout the 3 questions. 

During the questions you will be asked a variety of questions, including questions about hazards, other vehicles on the road and pedestrians etc.

In our Holbrooks based office we have 1-2-1 theory tuition with tutors, with the latest theory programmes, to help you practice the theory changes. 

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Reasons why intensive driving courses have a good success rate?

In recent times, it is shown that people who preferred intensive or crash courses have a better success rate of passing the exams as compare to people who did normal or regular courses. You may think that in longer courses, a person can learn driving better, but in fact, it’s not true.

intensive driving courses

Why intensive driving courses Redditch is popular and has a high success rate

People trust this intensive course because of the various benefits such as:

  • Because of the rapid-fire nature of the intensive courses, there is no time in between the lessons which make students remember things better and because of this, people pass the driving tests more easily.
  • You get more out of the intensive courses as these courses are cost-efficient. You can pay a lump sum and it is sure, you will get better value for the money.
  • The main benefit is that you can easily take some time from your busy schedule. You can also make your own timings according to your availability.
  • intensive driving courses

For an intensive or crash course, you can search in your particular city as “driving crash courses Redditch. You will get various options for short courses having different durations, you can choose according to your preference.