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Do you fancy a change in career and wish to start your road to becoming a driving instructor? SmartLearner Driving School can guide you on your way! With our ORDIT registered instructor training team, you can be on the road sharing your knowledge to others in no time! We cover Coventry, Warwickshire & Nuneaton, Rugby and various parts of Birmingham and Redditch and we are constantly looking to expand, if you live anywhere near these areas that would be! The Structure of your road is as followed:  The Phase 1 to becoming a Driving Instructor covers theory and hazard perception training.

We have designed a thorough program that will aid you to work through all the relevant learning material at your own pace. Extensive training is given in house and online in order to maximise your knowledge which therefore ensures you are ready for the test, as well as improve any areas we feel that requires additional mentoring.

The test consist of 4 way multiple choice test, you need to get 85% to pass. Phase 1 of the ADI tests your knowledge of driving theory, rules and regulations and driver training and hazard perception test. By using our professionally designed ADI training course, you can be sure you have all the topics covered and build your skills through a stable foundation. With the theory and hazard perception knowledge from the Phase 1 of your ADI Training completed, you will now put it into action during the in-car training sessions of Phase 2 of your ADI Training.

The phase 2 of the ADI training focuses on your driving ability. Our team of expert instructors will guide you over a series of practical driving sessions custom tailored to meet and exceed the standard set by the DVSA. Towards the completion of your phase 2 training sessions, we will arrange your ADI Part 3 training program. After completing the phase two of your ADI training and passing the qualifying examination – the driving ability assessment, you can apply for a trainee licence (PDI or The Pink Badge) to help you prepare for the Phase 3 of the ADI Training. By having a trainee licence, you can give driving instruction with pay, but you the licence only be valid for six months and should not be an alternative to being a full pledge ADI. Additionally, to qualify; you must complete 40 hours of the Phase 3 training

Phase 3 of the ADI Training involves both theory training and practical work, which will aid you in developing your teaching ability in general. You will undergo multiple training sessions from our trainers. In order to fine tune your knowledge and understanding in driving and teaching you will need to participate in a series of coaching ranging from realistic role play to road safety awareness.

Following the Phase 2 ADI training, we will provide you with the necessary 40 hours of training to entitle you to apply to the DVSA for a pink badge. You will have the choice to apply for a trainee licence if you want or continue straight through to your Phase 3 test. Our training officers will aid you in choosing which option suits you best.

Passing the Phase 3 of the ADI Training test will automatically elevate you to an ADI status – a fully Approved Driving Instructor! All your hard work, perseverance and commitment have paid off and you can proudly say you have completed a life changing journey.

great give us a call on 08001182001 if you’re interested!

SmartLearner’s Road Safety Campaign – 2018!

This year SmartLearner Driving School would love to push our road safety campaign, we are striving to make an impact and raise awareness of the importance of #RoadSafety! As we feel there is still a lack of knowledge on this.

Did you know that research suggests that almost 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep-related?

In wake of our campaign we will be visiting several schools, colleges and universities across Coventry and the surrounding areas to do talks that will hopefully make an impact to the youth who are or will be driving in the very near future. We believe that instilling road safety in the youth will reduce the currently devastating figures surrounding drink driving deaths and road collisions. Our talk will include a collaboration with the West Midlands Fire Service to deliver first hand experiences of drunk driving and general road collisions, they will use VR technology for attendees to use and receive a surreal first person experience of someone in a high speed collision. Aquarius will also be in attendance to give a talk on how road accidents impacts families across the globe and the importance of staying safe when driving.

We hope that we can positively impact our community and maybe even save some lives in the process!

SmartLearner’s Theory Centre!

Do you need Theory Exam support? Are you struggling with passing your Theory Exam?

Whether you’re 2 or 12 marks off SmartLearner Driving School can help YOU reach test standard! Here at the SmartLearner Office in Holbrooks, Coventry, CV6 4LB, 4A Wheelwright Buildings, Hen Lane, we have a Theory Centre which since opening in September 2016 has a pass rate of 94%! We try to replicate the atmosphere that is experienced at the Test Centre itself to get you as familiar as possible!

Our Theory Centre prices:

£4.99 per hour OR you can purchase our all-inclusive package for £49.99! Which includes UNLIMITED access!

Pupil Review!

‘I came into the SmartLearner Theory Centre after failing my Theory Exam by 6 marks, with this being my second attempt I knew that I needed more support, the staff there were great, very helpful and made me feel very welcomed and comfortable, I went on to pass my theory, 3 weeks after studying there’ – Recently passed pupil!

What to expect when taking your theory test

Each practice test has 50 questions.

The real test has:

  • 50 questions for cars and motorcycles
  • 100 questions for lorries, buses and coaches

The practice questions aren’t used in the real test, but they’re based on the same topics as the test.

The theory driving test has two parts – The Multiple Choice followed by the Hazard Perception. You have to pass both parts to pass the theory test.

  • Before you start the multiple choice part, you have the option of a 15-minute practice period to get ready for the test.
  • For both parts of the test – you are given a test question to practice with before starting the assessed part of the test.
  • When you start the theory test – you need to answer questions by pressing on a touch sensitive screen- In the hazard perception test – you will respond by using the mouse.

The Multiple choice questions are based on the Highway Code and road safety matters.

  • You will have 50 multiple choice questions – The pass mark is 43 or more.
  • The time allowed – to complete this part of the test is 57 minutes.
  • Some questions will require more than one answer – a message appears if you don’t select enough answers.
  • There are case study questions as well – you will be shown a short ‘story’ and be required to answer five questions about it.
  • You will be able to ‘flag’ questions – if you are unsure, and return to them later.

In the Hazard Perception – a hazard is something that will cause you, as the driver, to unexpectedly change speed – direction or stop – For this part of the test you will be using a mouse to indicate a hazard developing.

  • The questions are made up of 14 one minute long clips – each video will show one hazard except one video, which has two hazards. The faster you spot a hazard the more points you score. The pass mark is 44 out of a possible 75.
  • If you click the mouse too many times – you will see a warning message and receive zero points for that video.

Remember to take your provisional driving licence, if you forget to you won’t pass the theory test because you will not be allowed to take the test and you will lose your fee.

When you pass the theory test you’ll receive a letter with a pass certificate number on it – you’ll need this when you book and take your practical driving test.

If you are unsuccessful this time – remember you are certainly not alone – the test has a pass rate of less than 50%.

Book another theory test and next time you will know how to pass the theory test. You’ll need to wait at least three working days before you can retake the theory test, but there is no limit on how many times you can retake it.

You’ll need to pass the practical test within two years of passing your theory test – otherwise, your theory test pass certificate will expire.

Do’s and Dont’s Of the Practical test


  • >> This is just one of those times where you know you are being watched and you have a lot riding on the next 40+ minutes of driving, so you are going to be nervous. Just remember all the preparation you have put in and let the pressure fall off your shoulders and you will get through your driving test no problem
  • >> Although how you get on with the examiner should never effect what score you get it may have some minor impact as we are all only human.
  • >> Did you know in certain cities in America there is such a thing as an automatic pass in a driving test? You basically have to avoid or prevent an accident. It is basically a shortcut to telling your examiner that you are a safe driver, which is enough across the pond Unfortunately it isn’t enough over here – not that you should want to be anywhere near an accident on your driving test anyway – but it can be points in your favour.
  • >> Nerves can sometimes control what you focus on. Make sure you focus on whats important such as changing gear instead of trying to watch your examiner.
  • >> Everyone makes mistakes. It is very rare for someone to come out of a driving test with perfect scores as the test is always unpredictable. You cannot judge what other drivers are going to be there and the direction they’re travelling beforehand. All drivers make mistakes, it isn’t an issue, you just need to convince the examiner that you can handle it safely.


  • >> You are always being watched, but you don’t need to overthink things. Stick to what you know, you have had enough time to learn from your instructor what is expected of you.
  • >> Keeping in mind you are supposed to get on with your examiner, the last thing you want to do is to put the radio on. I know it can be awkward if there isn’t a conversation going, but blanking out your assessor isn’t the way to go.Not to mention it could potentially be distracting and could even drown-out your examiner’s instructions. This will not help your final score.
  • >> Fear combined with nerves is a horrendous combination, and it is what leads to more driving test failures than anything else


**The day bеfоrе thе tеst**

– Сhооsе уоur рrеfеrrеd tеst сеntrе, іdеаllу аvоіdіng еаrlу mоrnіngs аnd busу tіmеs оf dау. Іf уоur tеst сеntrе іs іn а vеrу busу аrеа, whу nоt trу fоr а tеst durіng sсhооl hоlіdауs whеn trаffіс іs gеnеrаllу quіеtеr?

– Dоn’t рut уоursеlf undеr рrеssurе bу tеllіng frіеnds аnd rеlаtіvеs аbоut уоur drіvіng tеst. Оnlу tеll реорlе thаt hаvе tо knоw.

– Тhіnk уоu’ll suffеr frоm drіvіng tеst dау nеrvеs? Веаt thе јіttеrs аnd рlаn аhеаd. Мауbе аllоw tіmе tо сhіll оut wіth fаvоurіtе musіс, еnјоу а rеlахіng brеаkfаst, оr trу Раul МсΚеnnа’s bооks оr DVDs оn соntrоllіng strеss.

– Ѕuggеst tаkіng а ‘mосk’ tеst wіth уоur іnstruсtоr.

– Usіng уоur оwn саr fоr уоur drіvіng tеst? Dо mаkе surе іt іs ΝОТ оn thе DЅА lіst оn DіrесtGоv оf vеhісlеs уоu саnnоt usе duе tо vеhісlе rесаll nоtісеs.

– Ѕсrub uр wеll! Маkе surе уоu саr іs сlеаn, іn gооd соndіtіоn аnd аll thе lіghts аnd wіndsсrееn wіреrs wоrk. Yоur ‘L’ рlаtеs shоuld аlsо bе рrореrlу аttасhеd аnd сlеаn.

– Gеt thе dосumеnts thаt уоu wіll nееd fоr уоur drіvіng tеst. Fоr ехаmрlе, уоur Тhеоrу Теst Раss Сеrtіfісаtе (оr lеttеr оf соnfіrmаtіоn), арроіntmеnt lеttеr (оr еmаіl) аnd bоth раrts оf уоur рhоtо саrd drіvіng lісеnсе. Рut thеm sоmеwhеrе thаt уоu wоn’t fоrgеt.

– Rеlах аnd gеt а gооd nіght’s slеер.

**Оn drіvіng tеst dау**

– Еаt а gооd brеаkfаst, tаkе уоur dосumеnts. Lеаvе еаrlу sо уоu dоn’t hаvе tо rush. – Dоn’t fоrgеt tо fіll uр wіth fuеl. Еvеrу саr іs dіffеrеnt, sо mаkе surе thаt уоu knоw hоw tо ореn thе bоnnеt аnd run thrоugh thе ‘Ѕhоw Ме Теll Ме’ tеsts.

– Аrrіvе аt thе tеst сеntrе іn gооd tіmе. Lооk аrоund іnsіdе аnd оut, аnd wоrk оut а gооd роsіtіоn tо раrk уоur tеst саr.

– Rеmеmbеr thаt thе ехаmіnеr іs humаn tоо. Grееt thеm роlіtеlу аnd wіth а smіlе. Тhе ехаmіnеr іs оn уоur sіdе, аftеr аll, thеу wоuld muсh rаthеr tеll уоu thаt уоu hаvе раssеd nоt fаіlеd.

– Lіstеn саrеfullу tо thе іnstruсtіоns. Іf уоu mаkе а mіstаkе, dоn’t аssumе уоu hаvе fаіlеd. Yоu аrе аllоwеd 15 mіnоr fаults, sо mоvе оn tо thе nехt іnstruсtіоn.

-Тhіnk роsіtіvе – stау саlm аnd fосusеd, rеmеmbеr аll thаt уоu’vе lеаrnt. Yоu саn dо іt.

**Аftеr thе рrасtісаl tеst**

– Whеn thе drіvіng tеst іs оvеr, thе ехаmіnеr wіll tеll уоu whеthеr уоu раssеd оr fаіlеd.

– Іf уоu fаіl thе tеst уоu shоuld аsk thе ехаmіnеr fоr sоmе fееdbасk tо hеlр рrераrе уоursеlf fоr уоur nехt tеst. Yоur drіvіng rероrt fоrm wіll аlsо shоw уоu whеrе уоu mаdе аnу mіstаkеs. Yоu саn tаkе аnоthеr рrасtісаl tеst 10 wоrkіng dауs аftеr thіs оnе.

– Іf уоu раss, thе ехаmіnеr wіll hеlр уоu tо gеt уоur full lісеnсе аnd gіvе уоu а раss сеrtіfісаtе.

– Rеmеmbеr thаt уоu mау nееd tо сhесk уоur іnsurаnсе bеfоrе drіvіng tо уоur frіеnds tо сеlеbrаtе.