Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Smart Learner driving school it is our social responsibility to reducing our carbon footprint! Throughout 2021 we plan to take steps towards becoming a sustainable and eco-friendly company.

Corporate Identity

Our Planet. Our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Lockdown due to coronavirus (COVID-19) was a hard time for the world, however, it has it’s benefits. One of the major positive impacts COVID had was on our environment. There us no doubt that carbon emissions have sharply fallen in the recent year and this has had a instant affect on our planet. Clear water in the Venice canals, blue skies over Delhi and wild animals are roaming in locked-down cities.


However, the reality is that these changes are short-lived and we will likely see a rocketing rebound in carbon emissions. That is unless we take action to secure a greener and more sustainable future.


As a driving school, we are one of the biggest contributors to the release of CO2 and therefore must take action to negate our impact on our planet. We aim to become more environmentally sustainable and establish green goals for our future. We are already actively taking steps to secure a green future for our City and our planet.

How are we helping to save our planet?

Click the icons below to find out more about SmartLearners current efforts to save our planet.

Electric Car Scheme

SmartLearner will now provide lessons in an electric car, commissioned by Coventry city council. Helping our air become cleaner and helping our community breathe a little easier.

Going Green Project

As a driving school, with 50 instructors, we are one of the biggest contributors to the release of C02 in our atmosphere. To combat this we will be planting trees in and around our local community.

Our Office Efforts

We are a business that cares about our planet and the future. We want to become better everyday by implementing eco friendly and sustainable practices within our office.

SmartLearners Pledges