Do’s and Dont’s Of the Practical test

Here are some tips to ensure you are confident and ready to take your practical driving test!


  • This is just one of those times where you know you are being watched and you have a lot riding on the next 40+ minutes of driving, so you are going to be nervous. Just remember all the preparation you have put in, and let the pressure fall off your shoulders and you will get through your driving test no problem.


  •  Although how you get on with the examiner should never effect what score you get it may have some minor impact as we are all only human.


  •  Did you know certain cities in America there is such a thing as an automatic pass in a driving test? You basically have to avoid or prevent an accident. It is basically a shortcut to telling your examiner that you are a safe driver, which is enough across the pond. Unfortunately it isn’t enough over here – not that you should want to be anywhere near an accident on your driving test anyway – but it can be points in your favour.


  • Nerves can sometimes control what you focus on. Make sure you focus on what is important such as changing gear’s instead of trying to watch your examiner.


  • Everyone makes mistakes. It is very rare for someone to come out of a driving test with perfect scores as the test is always unpredictable. You cannot judge what other drivers are going to do and the direction they’re travelling in. All drivers make mistakes, it isn’t an issue, you just need to convince the examiner that you can handle it safely.


  •  You are always being watched, but you don’t need to overthink things. Stick to what you know, you have had enough time to learn from your instructor.


  •  Keeping in mind you are supposed to get on with your examiner, the last thing you want to do is to put the radio on. I know it can be awkward if there isn’t a conversation going, but blanking out your assessor isn’t the way to go. Not to mention it could potentially be distracting and could even drown-out your examiner’s instructions. This will not help your final score.


  •  Fear combined with nerves is a horrendous combination, and it is what leads to more driving test failures than anything else, stay calm.


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