Driving for Beginners – 5 Helpful Resources to Get you Started

Driving for the first time can undoubtedly be a daunting and scary experience for some people, but it is important to keep calm and keep a clear head when proceeding to drive. Having clarity and no clouded thoughts or judgments will help you in the long run. It is also important to remember that every driver has experienced these exact feelings, so keep in mind that you are not alone in this aspect. Here are 5 helpful resources to get you started.

DVSA Theory App

When learning how to drive, learners are required to pass their driving theory test. This particular test plays a vital role in ensuring that you are safe enough to drive on the roads in the UK. Most of the theory test is devised from the Highway Code. It contains all of the rules and information that learners need to know in order to keep themselves and other road users safe. Many of the rules in the Code are legal requirements, so it’s crucial that learners know them. Additionally, it’s important that learners understand the fundamentals of driving.

The DVSA Theory app is the best app to download when revising and prepping for the theory test, it is a guide that includes all necessary information that new learners will need to know on how to safely drive, including the official highway code, interactive hazard perception video clips, and extra tips and tricks.

Further adding to this, Smartlearner Driving school also offers and provides 1-2-1 theory practices to help beginners acing their test with a 90% pass rate. Dedicated theory tutors will assist learners from the start to the end, providing learners with constructive feedback in order for learners to develop and improve any weakness they may have on certain topics. SmartLearner offers these lessons both online through zoom or in-house in the office, all depending on the preferences of the theory learner.

Driving Simulator

Getting into a car, buckling yourself up, and starting the engine can be quite intimidating taking into consideration that you may have never driven before. SmartLearner Driving School offers the option of a driving simulator, giving learners the opportunity to test their driving skills out within a controlled and safe environment also guided by an in-house simulator tutor. Through this, learners can begin to develop their confidence and self-assurance when it comes to driving, preparing them for the real practical driving situation.

Learning Logs - Books

Every single individual has their own specific and particular way of learning, whether it is through visual, kinesthetic or auditory etc. SmartLearner Driving School provides a reflective learning log to all beginner learners with the driving school, filled with important and significant information that learners may need to know, as well as a reflective section in which they can input a record after each driving lesson they may have with an instructor. Taking a record is helpful in the way that learners can view their progress throughout the lessons they have taken and can review any feedback on what they may need to improve for the next time.

Beginner Package

For those individuals that are ready to commence driving, SmartLearner offers a package specifically catered to individuals that may have never driven before, this package is called the beginners’ package for the price of £75, it consists of a total of 5 hours worth of lessons to get learners started.
3 lessons split into 2 lessons, which are 1 hour and 30 minutes each and 2 hours before the learner’s driving practical test. This package works in the favor of beginner learners, both in terms of practicality and costs, as one lesson would usually be £27 each, subsequently the package leans into the less expensive spectrum as a whole (as it would be more costly to book an hour lesson each time.)

Additionally, through this, beginner learners will be able to dip their toes into the water and get a taste of what driving feels like, with this, if they can process whether they like their assigned instructor, learners will always have the option of changing their instructions if preferred.

Local Qualified Driving Instructors

Unlike other usual driving schools, SmartLearner has 50 instructors under their umbrella all spread within the location of West Midlands; a high quantity that many driving competitors do not have.
Beginner learners will have choices of either male or female instructors to decide from, this ensures that learners will be able to choose which gender they would like to learn with, if they may have any preferences.

SmartLearner instructors are fully qualified and have undergone the necessary ADI training in which they can cater the way they teach according to the beginner learner’s learning style. Further adding to this, every pupil is accounted for, SmartLearner ensures that every instructor assigned to a learner is within their based area or location, which works for both instructor and learner, reducing time consumption and making it practical.

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