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Driving Lessons
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Driving Lessons in Bedworth

As one of the most successful driving schools in Bedworth, SmartLearner offers fully personalized lesson plans customised to your goals. SmartLearner Driving School in Bedworth offers a variety of courses such as Intensive Driving Lessons, Simulator Training, Theory Support, and Driving Instructor Training.


SmartLearner Driving School offers unique pre-lesson learning sittings to assure that once you’re in the car, you feel more confident and experience all the elements of learning in a driving environment.


We pride ourselves on being the best driving school in Bedworth. Our office staff and local driving instructors in Bedworth are dedicated to offering the highest level of customer service and ensuring you reach your personal driving goals. When you learn with SmartLearner you’re in charge! You can schedule the time and duration of your driving lessons to suit your availability. SmartLearner offers all the support you could need to ensure you are prepared to pass your driving test first-time!

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Driving Instructors in Bedworth

SmartLearner driving schools goal is to make all of their pupils into independent and confident drivers. Our unique learner training programs are designed alongside our driving courses and include visuals. These visuals along with the course save learners time and money in comparison to other driving schools in Bedworth. Whether you are a beginner or have had driving experience, SmartLearner Driving School aims to get you on the road as soon as possible.

We offer a wide range of driving course selections based on your needs and preferences, plus various packages at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and high-quality driving lessons in Bedworth.

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Why Choose SmartLearner?

We were voted the ‘Regional Driving School of the Year’ at the Intelligent Instructor Awards 2021. We are sure you’ll love the range of online learning materials that are available to you. These include online lesson plans and a personal learning log that allows you to track how you are progressing.


To book your driving lessons call us on 0800 118 2001 or email us at admin@smartlearner.com, we look forward to helping you get on the road.

Award Winning Service

In 2021, SmartLearner Driving School was voted the best regional driving school in the UK!

Unique Learning Plans

Our instructors cater to your unique learning styles and create lesson plans around them.

Automated SMS Alerts

You will receive SMS alerts on your phone to give you reminder about your lessons.

Affordable Prices

We are always looking at competitors prices to ensure our lessons are the best value for money.

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