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Driving Lessons with SmartLearner

SmartLearner Driving School is a local driving school that provides both manual and automatic driving lessons. We provide high-quality driving lessons for affordable prices in and around the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

SmartLearner has a fleet of highly-qualified local driving instructors who are ready to provide driving lessons to help you prepare for your practical driving test. All of our instructors are DVSA-approved and trained to provide amazing customer service and make driving lessons both informative and fun.

SmartLearner Driving School offers a range of custom lesson packages for both experienced and novice drivers. Driving lessons with us can start from as low at £15 per hour if you are a beginner!

Why choose SmartLearner Driving Lessons?

We were voted the ‘Regional Driving School of the Year’ at the Intelligent Instructor Awards 2021. We are sure you’ll love the range of online learning materials that are available to you. These include online lesson plans and a personal learning log that allows you to track how you are progressing.


To book your driving lessons call us on 0800 118 2001 or email us at admin@smartlearner.com, we look forward to helping you get on the road.

Award Winning Service

In 2021, SmartLearner Driving School was voted the best regional driving school in the UK!

Unique Learning Plans

Our instructors cater to your unique learning styles and create lesson plans around them.

Automated SMS Alerts

You will receive SMS alerts on your phone to give you reminder about your lessons.

Affordable Prices

We are always looking at competitors prices to ensure our lessons are the best value for money.

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Lines open Monday to Friday, 9AM to 7PM. Weekends 10AM to 4PM

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Manual Driving Lesson

Whilst automatic vehicles are becoming more popular throughout the world, the majority of vehicles in the UK (75%) are still manual. This ultimately makes manual cars more affordable to purchase, insure and service.

If you pass in a manual you can switch to an automatic car without the need to sit anymore driving test. This means you’re not limited to

One of the perks of choosing manual is that you have more control over the car itself. Want to shift from third straight to fifth? No problem!

On average manual cars also are more fuel efficient then automatic cars but this largely depends on who is driving the car and how they are driving it.

For some drivers, it just feels “right” to change gears manually. For most drivers, old habits die hard, and there’s a certain level of enjoyment to be had when shifting gears which is probably why the change has been slower in the UK compared to other countries.


Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic vehicles are becoming more common. In places like America over 95% of all cars on the road are automatic! There is no doubt that as time goes on that automatic transmission are going to become the norm across the globe.

Jump into an automatic car and the first thing you will realise is that it is much easier to drive. Automatic cars don’t have a clutch or standard gears. Simply put it into drive and you are good to go!

Automatic cars excel in slow-moving or stop-start traffic. This is because there is no stress of switching gears or finding the biting point. This makes for a much smoother and overall more pleasant drive.

If you sat your driving exam in an automatic car, you will need to upgrade your automatic licence to a manual one. This would involve sitting another driving test.

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