Electric Car Scheme

Here at Smart Learner driving school we are commited to reducing our carbon footprint! Throughout 2021 we plan to take steps towards becoming a sustainable and eco-friendly company.

Our Electric Car - Sky Blue City Turns Green

In Partnership with Coventry City Council

As a driving school, we are aware that we release a significant amount of CO2 into our world’s atmosphere. We want to change this and give back to our community and to our environment by taking precautionary measures in decreasing and preventing further damage to our Earth. SmartLearner will be partnering up with Coventry city council, Smart learners’ pupils and instructors Will have the opportunity to use an electric car to be either taught in or to teach in!


This means that SmartLearner Driving School will have a carbon emissions free vehicle! This vehicle will rotate around our instructors, giving them all the chance to use the electric vehicle.


We see this as a golden opportunity to really impact and influence our local community by setting a prime example to continuously strive for a greener and healthier future. We aspire to influence both existing and up coming drivers to reconsider and evaluate their choices and decisions in regards of what they drive and how they drive.


Our green project will hopefully shed insight on the impacts of driving and the amount of CO2e being released per individual on road and how this may have a drastic detrimental effect on our current atmosphere. With Coventry city council’s full support, we will be able to change both our mode of transport to become environmentally friendly, as well as the community’s thoughts to become more healthier. The greener, The better.


This change is for the good, not just for our business but for individuals that may suffer from asthma or lung cancer. Smart Learner is taking the necessary steps to cleaning our air.


We are the 1st driving school within the West Midlands to be commissioned an electric car!

Electric engines


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Our Other Projects

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Going Green Project

As a driving school, with 50 instructors, we are one of the biggest contributors to the release of C02 in our atmosphere. To combat this we will be planting trees in and around our local community.

Our Office Efforts

We are a business that cares about our planet and the future. We want to become better everyday by implementing eco friendly and sustainable practices within our office.