Fear of Driving

Are you a nervous driver and want to combat these nerves?

Whether you have experience or you are a beginner, it is a good idea to try not to drive anywhere at night if you can avoid it. You have more to worry about at night because pedestrians, animals and other vehicles are much more difficult to see than in the daylight. You have probably heard the old saying about how if you fall off a horse, you should get right back on that horse. There is a really good reason for this saying, and it is one that holds true for pretty much everything we do in life, including driving vehicles.

Drive in Safe/Slow Areas: Simply being behind the wheel in an anxiety-free environment can be beneficial, especially if you drive for such a long period that you get bored or tired. Try finding an empty, large parking lot and simply driving around for a while. The longer you drive, the better, especially if there is nothing around that can cause any dangers. The more driving is boring for you, the better you’ll do. When you were taking your driver’s training classes, you were probably told that music is a big distraction, and that you should not bother having the stereo on when you are driving. This is not exactly true. Yes, music can be a huge distraction, but only if you are letting the music distract you, and you are listening to it at high volumes. If you are listening to relaxing music at a low volume, it will help to keep you relaxed while you are driving.

SmartLearner Pupil review: 

It really is true, music really does soothe the savage beast. Before I started with SmartLearner, I was with another independent instructor. I was already a nervous driver and found with those lessons my anxiety just progressively got worse. It had gotten to the point where I would dread my lessons all week and drag my feet to the car because I knew I was going to spend the next 2 hours being shouted at. I requested to have only one hour as I found the two hour lessons too much for me to cope with at one time, I was made to feel stupid for asking as two hours were ‘the only way I would pass my test’  I lost all confidence within my driving and gave up for 2 years. I couldn’t bring myself to start them again until a friend recommended the company. I pondered starting again but I am so glad I did. My instructor was very patient with me and never shouted. Nothing like what I experienced the first time around. He reassured me that I could it it and because of him I did pass my test! I would recommend to anyone who suffers with severe anxiety like myself, to go with this school.


If you would like to begin your driving lessons please call us on 0800 118 2001 or send a enquiry via our website smartlearner.com! 

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