First driving lesson – what to expect

Booking your first driving lesson can be nerve-racking, especially if you have never been in the driver’s seat before. Most learners believe that on their first lesson, they will be put in the driver’s seat straight away, this is not the case.

Learner driver

Before your first driving lesson, it is important to get a good night’s sleep, this way you will have full concentration. You will need to wear a suitable pair of shoes that will have a good grip on the pedals. Feeling nervous to meet your driving instructor is only natural, they will be friendly and introduce themselves before beginning the lesson. They will have a quick chat with you about yourself, driving history, and tell you about themselves too, feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Your first lesson will be all about yourself and the car. Your instructor will greet you at your preferred address, this can be from home, college, or work, etc. You will get into the passenger seat, your instructor will then drive to a quieter location, away from any busy roads. This will most likely be a side street in a residential area. You will then swap over to the driver’s seat. You will learn how to start the car and get a feel of the pedals. For example, if learning in a manual car, you will go through how to feel the biting point of the clutch, and then how to change gears. If you feel comfortable, your instructor may ask you to drive around the area of quiet streets to learn gears, also to stop, so that you can find your biting point again. Future lessons will generally begin with this until you become comfortable enough to drive on busier roads. Remember, if you are unsure, always ask questions.


After your lesson, you will then swap over again to the passenger seat. The instructor will then debrief the lesson, this is your opportunity to ask questions about what has been covered. The instructor will then arrange your next lesson in the car with you. Once you have had a chat, they will then drive you back to your preferred location. If you were picked up from work, you may be dropped back  home.

Hopefully, this article will put your mind at ease when booking your first driving lesson.

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