Halloween safety tips






Drive slowly through residential areas

There will be a lot of excited children around, driving slower than usual will give you enough time to react to potential hazards. Children will be wearing costumes that may restrict their vision, they may misjudge traffic and step out. Make sure to expect to have to emergency stop or slow down to give way.

Signal for children to cross the road

Be careful, not all children have knowledge on how to cross the road. Children may panic when faced with crossing the road which may cause them to step out without warning. If you see children waiting to cross slow down and give way if safe to do so.

Enter and exit driveways slowly

Children will be going in and out of houses, remember when reversing there could be children in your blind spots or walking along the pavement. When reversing do it slowly and cover all blind spots, ask a family member or friend for assistance so that you have the best view.

Eliminate distractions inside your car

Turning the radio down or off completely to make sure you have full attention to the road and your surroundings will help you to react to hazards easier. You may not hear children or parents if your radio is too high. Hanging air fresheners from the indicator rather than the centre mirror does not block vision, this could easily hide a child.

Don’t drink and drive

Halloween parties are common if you are the designated driver resit drinking. If you do have a drink, leave your car at the party and call for a taxi home. As there will be more pedestrians you at more risk of causing a hazard if you drink and drive.

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