How to Overcome Nerves on Your Driving Test

How to Overcome Nerves on Your Driving Test.

When people think of the words ‘driving test’ it is common for us to believe it’s an intimidating thing- which naturally it can be, but this article will show you how to combat these nerves, as realistically it’s nothing to be nervous about, it’s a great achievement to have.

Tips for Calming Your Test Nerves:

This portion of the article will cover some helpful tips to  stay calm leading up to and during the test.
›  Make sure to eat appropriately before your test.
›   Don’t do too much on the day of your test, this will ensure you can more easily focus on the test.
›   Go to the bathroom before even if you don’t feel like you need to go, just in case.
›   Try to stay off or at least limit your caffeine intake before the test as this can amplify your nerves, the best way to go is drinking enough water, as you can always get a coffee after your test instead.
   Always remember that you are ready, if your driving instructor has told you that you are ready for test, you should be all set.
›   Pretend it is a mock test. Your instructor should have covered a mock test with you previous to the proper driving test so the layout of this should be accurate.
  Arrive to the test centre early.
   Don’t rush the test, take your time with manoeuvres and remember you can always correct yourself if you make a minor mistake

The Day of Your Test:

This section will be a brief overview of your test day, what you will need and how the day will unfold. Firstly, you will need to make sure you have all of the relevant items you need prepared, preferably the day before the test- say for example if you have an early morning test you may not have much time to gather your things, so it is best to prepare everything the night before so you can spend more time mentally preparing yourself. It is crucial that you bring your provisional license with you as well because the test cannot go ahead otherwise. It is also required that you take your theory pass certificate, a face covering unless you are exempt, and you are also able to bring your own car if you have one depending on if it meets the standard requirements.
It is recommended that you warm up an hour or so before your test so your memory and driving routine is fresh in your mind for when you begin.

The 5 Parts of the Driving Test:

Making mistakes in your test:

Making mistakes in your test:

You are able to carry on if you make a mistake. For example, if it is not a serious mistake it is classed as a minor, you are able to receive up to 15 minors on a test and still be able to pass. However, if you receive even 1 serious or dangerous point on a test it immediately classes as a fail and the test will end.
In some circumstances the examiner’s supervisor may sit in the car to evaluate the examiner’s performance. If you refuse, there is a possibility your test may be cancelled, and you will have to re book and pay again for your test.

So, to Conclude:

These are the elements of the driving test. It may seem quite technical in some aspects, but as long as you keep calm and remember that you are capable of passing everything will go ok.
If you do fail the driving test then don’t worry! Not everyone passes the first time around and that’s completely normal, 40% of learners fail their driving tests. The best way to look at it is seeing it as a learning curve to work on for next time, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t manage to pass.

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