How to overtake in a safe manner

For learners overtaking can be tricky. If you are not 100% sure that you can overtake in a safe manner, do not overtake. You need to pay attention to oncoming vehicles if there are any. If the obstruction is on your side but there is an oncoming vehicle, you need to give way. You can then only overtake if there are no oncoming vehicles and it is safe to do so. Before moving out to pass the vehicle, make sure to signal to other drivers, that you intend to pull out. There is no rush to overtake. Remember to follow the process: Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre. This is the safest way to overtake.

Make sure that you pass the vehicle with plenty of room, a car doors width is best.

car door width when over taking

You need to check that you have passed the vehicle fully and there is enough room to pull back in. pulling in too soon may lead to you clipping the vehicle that is causing an obstruction, or an accident. Before pulling back in you need to also check for any pedestrians or cyclists, as they are a lot more difficult to see and can be easily missed.

Rather than rushing to overtake you would make sure that you are patient and slow down, if there is an oncoming vehicle you have enough time to react and stop. If the obstruction is on their side, they will need to give way. You would still slow down when approaching in case other drivers are not paying attention and forget to give way.

The key points to take away from this article and apply to your driving are to overtake in a safe manner, do not rush, check all mirrors, signal to other drivers and to give way if you need to.

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