How to start driving on the Motorway?

Pick a Motorway and a time.

It’s best to start when you know the motorway will not be crowded. Weekends and evenings are best. Pay attention to the traffic reports in your area. Make sure you know exactly where you’re going and you don’t have any place to go for a while.

Learn to operate the car at lower speeds first.

Make sure you know all the laws and “rules of the road,” including what different kinds of lanes look like and the local speed limits.

Make sure your car’s brakes, lights, turn signals, steering, transmission and all other parts are working safely.

Get the car inspected and fixed if necessary. The motorway is the worst possible place for a breakdown.

Start on a day when the weather is clear and dry.

Darkness and inclement weather make driving more difficult and should not be the beginner’s first step.

Start driving from your driveway, then head for the Motorway slip road.

Don’t take the slip road too fast, but when you come off it you should be going close to the speed of motorway traffic (whatever that may be at the time).

As you come up the on-ramp, use your turn signal, check your blind spot and mirrors, look forward again and merge onto the highway.

You must watch for cars on the freeway and adjust your speed to enter the motorway safely.

Although many people will change lanes to the left to give merging cars more room, it is not their responsibility to let you onto the motorway. Once you’ve safely merged onto the motorway, match your speed to the flow of traffic. You might want to consider Pass Plus training to help you learn how to drive on the motorway with guidance from an approved instructor.

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