Leicester Driving School – How to parallel park with ease

As most of you can agree, the parallel park is found to be one of the more difficult manoeuvres, for pupils and even some experienced drivers. This article explains some of the best tips from our Coventry and Leicester Driving School on how to complete this manoeuvre with ease. 

It is important to have control of the car, and good observations when parallel parking. It is best to complete the manoeuvre at a slow pace, do not try to rush this. Your instructor should teach you key reference points to look for when carrying out the manoeuvre. Key reference points include when to turn the wheel and which way. Similar to a method, this can sometimes make it easier to remember. 

The examiner will find a space that is at least two car lengths, enough space for you to do the manoeuvre with confidence. If the car that you are learning in has a reverse camera do not over use it. For example a quick glance into the camera just to show that you have checked this area, rather than relying on this to complete the manoeuvre.  Relying on the reverse camera may cause you to fail your test even if you have completed the manoeuvre well, as the examiner primarily looks for your observations. Observations will include, looking over both of your shoulders and checking all three of your mirrors etc. 

Central mirror

Side mirrors

You must also make sure to check your ‘blind spots’. These are areas not covered by your mirrors or the camera. These blind spots can easily hide a young child or a cyclist from your view. To make sure that you are covering these you would do all of your observations. You may also have a little stop just to cover these areas in detail during the manoeuvre. This will show the examiner that you have considered all areas surrounding the car. 

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