Other Types of Vehicles

Larger vehicles can be a threat to safety, understanding what potential hazards they can cause, is important.

Large Vehicles at Junctions/Roundabouts

Large vehicles often need to take unorthodox paths at junctions/roundabouts because of their size.

For example, it’s not uncommon to see a large truck indicate left but position to the right. They do this to make it easier for them to turn. If you see a truck turning in front of you you should always leave plenty of room to allow them to turn safely.


Large vehicles can also hide overtaking traffic so always be extra cautious when pulling out at junctions when large vehicles are oncoming.


Remember larger vehicles mean larger hazards!

When behind large vehicles

You must stay well behind a large vehicle as because of the size they often obstruct your view of the road. It’s advisable to leave extra room between your vehicle and theirs as it allows you to see more clearly what is up ahead.


Please remember that before you overtake a larger vehicle you need a clear view. This is because of their length they are longer they take more time to pass.


Beware of surface spray coming from large vehicles when driving behind them on a wet road. If it’s affecting your view drop back.

Public Transport



Towing a Caravan

When towing a caravan it is advisable to use an extended-side arm mirror. This is because towing a large trailer or caravan can greatly reduce your view of the road behind. By using an extended-arm side mirror so that you can see clearly behind and down both sides of the caravan or trailer.


High-sided vehicles are most affected by windy weather, but strong gusts can also blow a car, cyclist, motorcyclist or horse rider off course. This can happen on open stretches of road exposed to strong crosswinds, or when passing bridges or gaps in hedges.


In very windy weather your vehicle may be affected by turbulence created by large vehicles. Motorcyclists are particularly affected, so keep well back from them when they are overtaking a high-sided vehicle.