Topic 10 - Rules of the road

This multiple choice section will clarify and teach the pupil the rules of the road which are necessary to pass this section of multiple choice.

What are the rules of the road?

The tenth topic from the multiple-choice section of the theory test is rules of the road. As you’d probably expect from the name, this is quite an important topic. In fact, it probably encompasses most of the knowledge that you will need when you finally get behind the wheel, including speed limits, designated lanes, positioning on the road and much more.

General rules of the road

Here are some basic rules you should be following when driving on a public road.

Yellow Box Junctions

Cycle lanes


Do not park in the following areas:

Obstructions and stopping

Turning left and right

Level crossings

Head lights

Pedestrian crossings

Top 20 Driving Faults to Watch Out For

Pedestrian crossings

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