Parking Outside of Schools During Lockdown

As children remain in school through the second Lockdown, there is still the weekday rush for parents to get their kids to school and find parking spaces.

The Highway Code states: “You MUST NOT wait or park, or stop to set down and pick up passengers, on school entrance markings.” (Highway Code rule 238, Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.)

Many schools are located within residential areas, knowing where to park for parents can be a stressful task, especially if time is against them.

Drivers who are waiting outside schools on ‘keep clear’ or ‘no parking zones’ can receive a £70 on-the-spot fine.


Parking on a double yellow can also result in a £70 fine, even if you are just dropping your children off.

Parking Outside of Schools During Lockdown – double yellows

A single-yellow line also means you cannot park. However, this will be limited to certain times which will be shown on a sign nearby.

Parking Outside of Schools During Lockdown – single yellow lines

A regular sight outside schools is yellow zig-zag lines. These lines mean parking is strictly prohibited at any time unless signs nearby state otherwise.

Parking Outside of Schools During Lockdown – zig zag yellow lines

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