1 Hour – Automatic


  • Course Duration 1 hour
  • Experience Beginner / Experienced
  • Transmission Automatic
Postcodes Included:
  • B10
  • B11
  • B12
  • B13
  • B25
  • B26
  • B27
  • B28
  • B33
  • B34
  • B36
  • B37
  • B40
  • B5
  • B8
  • B9
  • B91
  • B92
  • B95
  • CV1
  • CV10
  • CV11
  • CV12
  • CV2
  • CV21
  • CV22
  • CV23
  • CV3
  • CV31
  • CV32
  • CV33
  • CV34
  • CV4
  • CV5
  • CV6
  • CV7
  • CV8
Areas Included:
  • Balsall common
  • Bedworth
  • Berkswell
  • Bulkington
  • Coventry
  • Henley in Arden
  • Kenilworth
  • Leamington
  • Meriden
  • Nuneaton
  • Rugby
  • Solihull
  • Warwick



Automatic vehicles has become more rampant in the UK roads and more road users prefer the ease of driving in automatic. In addition, some learners have difficulty learning to drive in manual transmission vehicles and find it difficult to understand how the gears in a manual vehicle work. If you are one of such learner driver, then taking automatic driving lesson may be more suited for you.

Learning to drive in automatic is much easier since learners need not to learn how the gear works. However, learners who pass the automatic driving lesson are only eligible to drive automatic vehicles. You will be required to retake the test for manual driving if you plan to drive in a manual gear vehicle.

The PROS of taking Automatic Driving Lessons

  • Automatic Driving Lessons are much shorter and easier than manual driving lessons.
  • Automatic vehicles are easier to maneuver.
  • Automatic vehicles are less complex with only 2 pedals, the accelerator and brakes.
  • Gears are automatic and you just need to choose one gear at a time.
  • Speed is much easier to control through the accelerator.

The most notable difference in learning to drive in automatic versus manual is the amount of time you have to spend learning how to use the gears. Learners that opted for manual driving lessons need extra time to familiarize themselves on how to use the gears for manual vehicles.

Before deciding that automatic driving lessons is for you, you must remember that a licensed driver for automatic vehicle cannot drive manual transmission vehicles. If you have plans of buying a manual gere vehicle, you will be required to retake the test for manual driving before you could drive it.

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