5 Hours – Manual


  • Course Duration 5 hours
  • Experience Beginner / Experienced
  • Transmission Manual
Postcodes Included:
  • B10
  • B11
  • B12
  • B13
  • B25
  • B26
  • B27
  • B28
  • B33
  • B34
  • B36
  • B37
  • B40
  • B5
  • B8
  • B9
  • B91
  • B92
  • CV1
  • CV10
  • CV11
  • CV12
  • CV2
  • CV3
  • CV4
  • CV5
  • CV6
  • CV7
Areas Included:
  • Balsall common
  • Bedworth
  • Berkswell
  • Bulkington
  • Coventry
  • Meriden
  • Nuneaton



Whilst automatic vehicles has become more popular in terms of vehicle sales, majority of learner drivers in UK still prefers taking manual driving lessons when learning to drive. This is vastly due to the fact that those that take automatic driving lessons and passes are not entitled to drive vehicles with manual transmissions. But learners that pass their manual driving lessons are entitled to drive automatic geared vehicles.

Learning to drive in manual is more complex due to the fact they are much harder to manoeuvre than its automatic counterpart. Additionally, learners needs to familiarize themselves with the complexity of using the the gears by using the clutch as well as adjusting the vehicles speed through the gear stick.

The PROS of taking Manual Driving Lessons

  • Learners who pass their manual driving lessons receives a full driving license.
  • Those who pass are eligible to drive both manual and automatic geared vehicles.
  • Manual Driving Lessons are cheaper in comparison to taking automatic driving lessons.
  • Manual Geared Vehicles are way cheaper to buy than those that has automatic gears.

Difference of Manual Vehicles to Automatic Vehicles

Generally, manual vehicles consists of 3 pedals, the accelerator, clutch and the brakes. It also uses five forward gears and a reverse gear. The speed of a manual vehicle is not dependent upon the accelerator. It requires a combination use of the gears with the clutch. Incorrect usage can cause the engines to stall.

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