Road Safety Week – country roads

The importance of slowing down on country roads

This week is Road Safety Week! This blog highlights the importance of driving carefully on country roads.

On country roads, cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders can be easily hidden. Urban roads speeding problems are being tackled, but what about country roads?

Authorities are putting more 20 mph zones in place in residential areas where people socialize, children play, and schools are near.

60/50 mph is a dangerous speed to implement on roads where pedestrians are present.


The number of people killed on country roads is nearly 11 times higher than on motorways.


40% have been surprised by an unexpected hazard, such as an animal. Hazards can be easily hidden when country roads have bends, as you are not able to see the hazard until it is in front of you. When driving in rural areas, it is important to expect hazards, for example, if traveling around a bend slow down, there may be a cyclist. You will then have enough time to react.

Country roads have higher speeds than urban roads, they also tend to be a lot narrower.


Remember to:


  • Read the road ahead and anticipate potential hazards.
  • Drive at a speed that allows you to stop in good time.
  • Stay in control and give yourself time to react by braking before a bend, not on it.
  • Give cyclists and horse riders plenty of space when overtaking, do not rush past, be patient.


Stay safe during Road Safety Week!

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