Road trip tips

Now that lockdown restrictions have been eased, many of us missed out on holidays. Many individuals may opt for a road trip to still get that holiday feeling.

One of the most important things before beginning any road trip would be to get a good night’s rest. If you are starting your journey early the next day, you would make sure that you go to sleep early. If you wake up feeling fatigued, ask someone else to drive.

Planning your journey before the road trip is also important. Having an idea of where you are traveling to and if you plan to have an overnight stay, where you will be staying will ensure a relaxed drive. Planning which route to take and making sure you set this up through GPS will allow you to know exactly where you are going. If the journey is longer than 2 hours you may want to consider taking food, especially if you are traveling at lunch. Checking the weather will allow you to know what driving conditions to expect and prepare for.

Take a friend, a long road trip with a friend or loved one will make the journey seem shorter and more enjoyable. If you are going to travel alone, make sure that you inform someone so that they know where you are if any issues arise.

Do not rush! Road trips are supposed to be fun. Begin your road trip early if you have a specific time to arrive, for example, a check-in time. Rushing your journey will only leave room for dangerous driving.

Make sure you are comfy. Comfortable clothing such as hoodies and loose-fitting clothes will make sure you enjoy your journey. You would not want to sit in jeans for a long journey. You may want to take a pillow or neck support for extra comfort. If it is a hot day, make sure that you apply sun cream to any exposed areas of skin.

If you find yourself becoming bored, you can pull into a service station etc, to have a break. Read a book or watch something on your phone, you can then restart the journey once you are ready to.

Please ensure you take the correct steps to prepare for a journey to make sure it is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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