Safe Road User Award

safe road user

This award is aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 17 at the stage when they are starting to become independent travelers and users of the road. It aims to keep them safe while they are learning about the hazards of the road and gives them the knowledge that they need to have to helps build positive attitudes so when they get to the age when they are ready to drive then they are off to a flying start.

The Safe Road User Award, is a course which has been developed in recent years by the SQA and supported by a number of professionals, which allows young people to extend their knowledge of roads, road use, road conditions, and trying to make them safer, whether they’re a pedestrian, cyclist, or whether they’re going to be a car driver.

We were doing some work with young people talking to them about how they thought they should learn to drive and they said that they thought it would be really good for them if they could start to prepare to learn to drive before they got to the age of 17 which is when they can get their provisional drivers licence.

I tend to think that sitting in the classroom and speaking to young people isn’t as successful, as looking for ways to deliver it that is realistic to them, and you can get as close as you can to the real situation. There is a lot of opportunities on the course to actually get involved in a practical way, we’re quite fortunate that that opportunity is there.

Young people who become proficient road users at an early stage will carry these attitudes and behaviors into their adult lives, facilitating young people to become responsible road users will help to reduce injuries and deaths on UK roads.

The aim of the Safe Road User Award is to alter and change the attitudes of young students towards being safe road users, in the hope the expectation that it will become a skill for life and they will take that forward into their own adulthood become an ambassador representing safe road use and encouraging others such as their peers, family, friends and so on.

For our young people, they need all that they can get to make them employable, or have the ability to leave school and go into a positive destination. This allows them to get into the world of work ethos, turning up on time, reporting to somebody, meeting new people, learning new skills and putting them into practice.

We are currently able to offer the course for FREE to learners who would like to gain an extra qualification during the Covid-19 Lockdown. Limited places are available.

You can read on the Safe Road User Award here on the Scottish Qualification Awards page .  https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/35046.html

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