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Simulated Driving Lessons

Realistic Simulated Driving Lessons

SmartLearner Driving School are the first driving school in England to have their very own driving simulator! We now offer simulated driving lessons in our office which is based on Hen Lane, Holbrooks, Coventry, CV6 4LB!


Simulated driving lessons allow you to experience the same feeling you would get in an actual lesson but within a controlled environment. Our simulator uses the latest technology to monitor your driving including the use of eye trackers, motion detectors, and an advanced PC system!


The driving simulator is perfect if you are a nervous person, suffer from anxiety, or just want to start the driving process is a safe environment away from the public road. The virtual driving instructor will help you master clutch control, steering, and general driving skills… all in complete safety of our office.

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What are simulated driving lessons?

Simulated Driving Lessons are basically just driving lessons on an advanced computer system that simulates car controls and road/traffic situations. The simulator allows pupils to focus on learning the controls and processes used in driving all in the safety of our office.

Benefits of Simulated Driving Lessons

Affordable Prices

We are always looking at competitors prices to ensure our lessons are the best value for money.

Topic Focus

In 2021, SmartLearner Driving School was voted the best regional driving school in the UK!

Learn At Your Pace

Our instructors cater to your unique learning styles and create lesson plans around them.

Safer Driver

You will receive SMS alerts on your phone to give you reminder about your lessons.

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