SmartLearner’s Road Safety Campaign – 2018!

This year SmartLearner Driving School would love to push our road safety campaign, we are striving to make an impact and raise awareness of the importance of #RoadSafety! As we feel there is still a lack of knowledge on this.

Did you know that research suggests that almost 20% of accidents on major roads are sleep-related?

In wake of our campaign we will be visiting several schools, colleges and universities across Coventry and the surrounding areas to do talks that will hopefully make an impact to the youth who are or will be driving in the very near future. We believe that instilling road safety in the youth will reduce the currently devastating figures surrounding drink driving deaths and road collisions. Our talk will include a collaboration with the West Midlands Fire Service to deliver first hand experiences of drunk driving and general road collisions, they will use VR technology for attendees to use and receive a surreal first person experience of someone in a high speed collision. Aquarius will also be in attendance to give a talk on how road accidents impacts families across the globe and the importance of staying safe when driving.

We hope that we can positively impact our community and maybe even save some lives in the process!

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