How do you know if a bus lane is suspended?

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How do you know if a bus lane is suspended?

A bus lane is marked with either dashed white lines or a solid white line.

The solid white lines mark out the edge of the bus lane and should not be crossed while it is in operation.

The dashed white lines signify the beginning and end of the lanes, as well as points where it’s acceptable for vehicles to cross into it.

They will also have the words ‘bus lane’ marked along the road.

When can’t bus lanes be used? 

All bus lanes have blue signs signalling their times of operation. 

The sign will usually show a time period, and the days of the week when restrictions for non-buses are to be taken notice of.

Sometimes they’ll show two sets of times (e.g. Mon-Fri 6.30 – 10.30am, 3.30 – 5.30pm).

If there are no times are shown on the sign then this means the lane is in operation 24 hours a day and can’t be used at any point by unauthorised vehicles.

When can bus lanes be used? 

If you’re driving outside a bus lane’s operating hours, then you can use it as long as it’s safe and states it is not in use. 

Be aware that not using a bus lane when it’s safe or it is still in operation during your driving test could result in a marking down.

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The UK set to ban use of mobile phones when driving.

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The UK set to ban use of mobile phones when driving. 

The government is set to update the law to ban drivers in the UK from using mobile phones at all whilst driving. The current law states drivers are not allowed to send texts or make calls when driving. 

However it is not illegal to do other activities, such as scroll through music, play games or take photos from behind the wheel. 

The government has said the change is due to come into law after a 12 week public consultation. The new law will allow police to take intermediate action if they see a driver holding or using a phone at the wheel.


 The offence could lead to a £200 fine and six points. 


When driving you will still be able to use your phone as a sat nav as long as you’re not physically holding the phone. Buying a mount for your window or dash board will make sure that the phone is hands free. 

Police can prosecute for driving without due care and attention if they see a motorist touching the device to type in instructions whilst at the wheel. If you need to reset the sat nav, pull over where safe to do so and type type these instructions.

In 2019, there were 637 casualties on Britain’s roads. These included 18 deaths and 135 serious injuries.

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How is the theory test changing? – online theory classes

The theory test for learners will be changing.

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What changes will be made?

The changes are aimed to make the theory test more accessible for individuals who have a reading impairment, learning disabilities, or developmental condition.


Currently, the theory test has 5 questions to answer based on a case study at the end. You need to read through the case study first and then answer the questions, the case study will be the same for the 5 questions.

When theory tests change, instead of reading a case study and answering questions, you will watch a video and answer 3 questions about the video. The video clip can be replayed and watched as many times as needed.

The video will be a clip of driving through an area, such as a town, country lane etc. For each question, you will be given 4 possible answers to choose from.


Possible question example: Why should the driver, on the side road, look out for motorcyclists at junctions?


The left-hand side of the screen will play the video clip with controls to play the video, pause the video, move to a specific part of the video by dragging the icon on a progress bar similar to a YouTube video and watch the video using the full screen. The questions will then be shown on the right-hand side.


What is staying the same?


You will still have 50 multiple choice questions to answer, with the timescale of 57 minutes to complete them. You will need to score a minimum of 43 out of 50 to pass the question side of the test. The hazard perception section is staying the exact same. This will be watching video clips to spot possible hazards.


SmartLearner Driving School has recently begun to offer theory support online. Currently, SmartLearner offers 1-2-1 help towards your theory test that requires pupils to travel to the office in Coventry. However, due to COVID-19 and current regulations, they now offer online theory support online. Their regular theory classes were met with great reception, high praise, and students who took regular lessons with the theory instructor all passed! If you would like to get booked in for online theory support give us a call on 0800 118 2001 or visit our website.