Driving lessons in low sun

Although golden hour is good for picture opportunities, it is not the best condition to drive in. You can become distracted or dazzled if the sun is very bright. If your driving lessons are around this time of day, your instructor will give you advice on how to adapt to these conditions.


According to the Department for Transport, 3,900 people are injured in incidents involving low, dazzling sun each year.

This condition typically appears more often in winter, although when the sun sets and the sky becomes ‘orange’ can happen throughout the year. Driving in winter, low sun often begins to rise or set at peak commuting times. Having a pair of sunglasses to keep in your car may be a good option, if you are faced with this glare. Keep these in your glove box out of sight. If your journey is not essential, you may leave it until the sun has fully set or risen. This way your visibility will not be impacted, as it would in low sun.

Sun visors are created to block out the sun if it is affecting your ability to see, if the sun is too bright and you become dazzled, make sure to pull down your visor. Most visors have the option to be pulled off on one side and placed across the window to your right. On your driving lessons, the instructor will show you how is best to position the visor.

Dirty windows amplify glares and block vision even more. Make sure before starting your journey you clean your windows, this will minimize the glare. The windows can be cleaned simply using your washer fluid, make sure to keep this topped up so that when needed you can clear your windows with ease. If your window washer is not topped up, water and either a soft sponge or brush will do the trick.

Leave plenty of room between yourself and the person in front, so that you have enough time to react to sudden stops or other road user mistakes. If you go into the back of the vehicle in front because you have not left a safe distance, you can receive a fine of £100 and add three points on your license.

If you are really struggling with your vision, pull over until the sun rises or sets. When you can see clearly again, you can restart your journey safely.

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