Most confusing road signs

This article explains the seven most confusing road signs that the majority of people do not understand. We hope that after reading this article if you find yourself faced with one of the following signs you will feel confident you know what the instruction is.

T-junction with priority over vehicles from the right

T-junction with priority over vehicles from the right

This sign explains that although you are coming to a T-junction, the dotted lines on the road surface are indicating that the traffic approaching from the right need to give way. You are safe to continue, but keep an eye out for those who aren’t paying attention.

No Vehicles Carrying Explosives

No vehicles carrying explosives

This road sign only applies to a select few that are carrying explosives. For example a fireworks company. These vehicles are dangerous vehicles, you would keep your distance when following.

Loose road surface

loose road surface

This sign indicates whether a road’s surface Is loose, for example, gravel, it has been recently resurfaced etc. this warns drivers that they will need to drive carefully and slowly, loose particles can ruin paintwork etc. tyres will also have less grip on road surfaces.

Minimum Speed Limit

minimum speed limit

This sign looks a lot similar to a speed limit sign, although speed limit signs are red. The blue signs display the minimum speed you can do, unless unsafe to do so.

No vehicles except bicycles being pushed

No vehicles except bicycles being pushed

This sign means no vehicles. Usually, these circles give speed limits. Bicycles are able to be pushed through these roads, as they are not motor vehicles.

Vehicles may pass either side to reach the same destination

Vehicles may pass either side to reach same destination

This sign indicates to vehicles that they can pass on either side to reach the same destination. This can be confusing as this sign usually displays one arrow.

Overhead Electric Cable

Overhead electric cable

This sign indicates that there is an overhead cable, this can be specifically dangerous if your car comes in contact with it. If it is to fall closer to the road drivers would be at risk of being touched by this.

We hope you find this article interesting, as well as useful if you come across some of these confusing road signs when driving.

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