Reasons to take Automatic driving lessons Birmingham

After joining a driving school, you have the main two options such as learning manual, and automatic driving lessons. The manual driving lessons are learned on manual transmissions whereas, for automatic driving lessons, you need automatic driving vehicles. Now, most of the people are preferring automatic driving lessons because there are more automatic cars coming. The main benefit of learning automatic vehicles is that you can learn very easily and also will be professional in driving in a few days.

Why take automatic driving lessons Birmingham

In Birmingham, you will find many driving centers and in addition to it, you will be able to contact certified or DVSA-approved driving instructors who can help you in qualifying all driving tests with ease. Here, you can learn your automatic driving lessons in different types of courses such as regular (traditional), intensive, and hours-based courses.

The regular courses are long-duration courses and those people who are beginners, and need all completed knowledge of driving, prefer to choose regular or traditional courses for proper training of cars. In many cases, people forget some basics of driving which affect them later while taking the theory part of driving exams.

Automatic driving lessons

If you want to do an intensive course then you can learn driving lessons in a shorter time frame. The aim of all intensive courses is to get learners passed in the quickest way possible. You can cover your intensive courses in just one week and these intensive courses have long learning sessions because to complete whole driving training as fast as possible. In the long sessions, you can remember the driving basics for a longer period of time. There is very little time available between the consecutive driving lessons. This is the main reason that people who do intensive courses are prepared well, and also have a high pass rate. You need to remember one more thing, before joining any intensive or crash course, you should have some theoretical knowledge of the driving in advance.

Automatic driving lessons

There are also some driving lessons that are hourly-based. These courses are just of few hours such as 5 hours, and 10 hours of training. People do this type of training to get into the real experience of driving. You also can use “simulator training” for this type of few-hours driving sessions. If you are experienced and just want to get some experience of driving then this simulator training is a good choice for you.

All the above different types of driving lessons are covered in automatic driving courses. The automatic courses are easy to learn and for a beginner, the automatic driving lesson is the best choice. It is better you search certified or renowned an Automatic driving school Birmingham in your region as there are also many fraud driving instructors present. You should ask your relative, or friend who has done driving courses before, to get to know about any particular driving center. You can also check the DVSA database to gather information about your instructor.

Automatic driving lessons


SmartLearner driving school professionals can help you in getting affordable automatic driving lessons of any type i.e. regular, or intensive and you can also ask for the ADI training to become a DVSA-approved instructor.









Strange UK Driving laws

This blog post explains some of the UK driving laws that you may not be aware existed.

You cannot use your phone to pay at a drive-through.

Driving laws are in place which do not allow holding or using a mobile phone when in control of a motor vehicle.  As going through a drive-through is still classed as being behind the wheel this is considered against the law.

Drive through

You cannot splash people with puddles on purpose. 

Although you may see this as a funny joke between friends, you should not do this. You can find yourself with a fine and penalty points on your license. 

splashing with a puddle

You cannot beg others for change for a parking meter. 

Begging others for change can lead to a charge under the Vagrancy Act 1824, this makes begging for change no matter what the situation illegal. It is important to keep change at hand so that if you are faced with this situation you will be able to pay the meter. 

Pay and display - Wikipedia

Failing to clear snow. 

You may feel reluctant to clear snow away before making your journey to work in the morning, especially if it is cold outside. You may want to get in your car as quickly as possible to warm up. Even if you do clear the snow off of your windscreen and blind spots, many people forget the roof. Forgetting the snow on your roof, based on driving laws can land you a £60 fine and 3 penalty points. As leaving the snow on your roof can cause accidents for other road users, behind.  

Snow on car

Warning other drivers of speed cameras. 

Whilst you may feel that you are doing a good deed, you are putting yourself at risk of getting a fine. Flashing your lights at the oncoming vehicles as a warning is classed as obstructing police of their duties. You can be fined up to £1000 for doing this, based on driving laws. 

speed camera

Failing to restrain a pet. 

Even if you have a small pet that can be held, such as a Chihuahua, although they are small enough to be held on a person’s lap, you still need to use correct restraints. The correct restraints include a seat belt harness, dog cage, or pet carrier. You could receive a £5000 fine and 9 penalty points on your driving license. 

Pet restraint