Do intensive courses create safe drivers?

People choose intensive courses because of the manageable timings. If you are working and need to take driving qualifying tests then an intensive course is a great idea for you. Because of this driving course, you can learn driving in no time. The intensive courses differ in timings. Some courses last for 1 week, and some for only a few hours such as 5, and 10 hours.

intensive courses

If you want to become a safe and qualified driver then your course length does not matter. You also can be expertise in a few hours. It depends on your learning capability. In case of intensive or crash courses, you should have some theoretical knowledge of driving in advance.

Is an intensive course right for you?

If you want to learn driving in a quick time then the intensive course is the right choice for you. In many cases, people don’t want a gap in consecutive learning sessions so that they don’t forget any driving basic. In intensive courses, you have to take long driving sessions which will help you in better remembering of driving skills.

intensive courses

Why choosing an intensive course can be beneficial for you?

The intensive courses are considered cost-efficient if you are able to pay a lump sum. Instead of learning from six to eight months, you can get driving skills in a smaller time frame. The pass rate in intensive courses is better than regular or traditional courses. You will be able to remember better and can pass the qualifying driving tests in just a few days. You can talk to the Intensive driving course Leicester professionals who will guide you about which type of driving course is more suitable for you according to your availability and driving skills.

intensive courses

SmartLearner driving school professionals can instruct you for the Intensive crash course Leicester services. You will be trained with Leicester based DVSA-approved driving instructors.

Are Intensive courses more worthy than regular courses?

When you start your driving classes, you have two options i.e. regular and intensive courses (crash courses). The driving lessons can be limited according to your availability and nowadays, most of people prefer to do short courses to save their time. If you have very little time available for the driving tests then you can start various types of intensive or crash courses. Some courses are of only a few hours, but in the case of limited-time courses, you have to learn driving lessons continuously means very little time gap between successive driving lessons.

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Intensive courses

Cases where intensive courses are better than regular (conventional) courses

  • If you want to take driving tests as soon as possible then intensive courses are a suitable option for you. These courses mostly focus on the practical part so that you can learn quickly. You should know some theoretical basics to get more benefits from short courses.
  • In case of the course fee, you have the option to pay 1 set fee for all parts of the intensive course such as the theory test, lessons, and practical test.

There are also some people who think that regular courses are better than crash courses because you will have more time to learn the driving and also these courses are more suitable for beginners because all basics are covered. Below, look for some scenarios when regular courses are more in demand than short or intensive courses:

Intensive courses

  • If you want to learn at your own pace and get some practice then a standard or regular course is a better option. In these courses, you will have more experience of driving on roads.
  • When you join any driving course the first time then you will have to learn from scratch. In this case, a regular course can help you in understanding driving more effectively, and also, you will get more time gap in between the driving lessons which will provide you more practice time.

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Tips for driving safely in a heatwave

We all know how ‘close’ UK heat can feel, driving in these conditions can be am aggravating experience. The tips below will advise on how to make your journey more bearable and to make sure you are driving safely.

Car Window Sunshade Retractable Folding Windshield Sunshade Cover ...

Sun visors

Use your sun visor when vision is impacted by the sun, this will ensure you have full visibility. A pair of sunglasses are also a good way to block the sun, for those who are shorter in height sunglasses may be a preferred option although extenders for sun visors can be bought to block the sun.


Air-con can be a lifesaver, especially in UK heatwaves. To get the full impact of air-con, turn on your air-con at the beginning of your journey. This will cool down the car quicker. You can face your air vents directly towards you or pointed to the roof of the car to circulate air.

Appropriate footwear

We understand that during a heatwave, trainers can become uncomfortable and hot. Sandals may feel better, but they do not have as much grip. We recommend keeping a pair of trainers in your car to drive in, which you can then change once you have arrived at your destination.

Keep a drink nearby

If your journey is going to be a long one, take a drink to stay hydrated. Drink responsibly, if it is safer to pull over to drink, please do so.

Parking in shade

Parking in a shaded spot will help to keep the vehicle cool, you can also get a car sun shade for your window that stops heat from getting into the vehicle. When you get back in it will be cool, this is a good method if passengers are children.


The engine may overheat, it is important to pull over as soon as possible when safe to allow this to cool down or to call for assistance if needed. This can potentially cause damage not easy to fix.


Avoid driving at peak times, you do not want to be stuck in traffic when there is a heatwave. This made lead to you becoming agitated, especially after a long day at work. You may want to delay your journey to ensure driving safety.

On your lessons, your instructor will be able to give tips on how to drive in heatwaves.