Lockdown affects on lessons – student driving lessons

As we are all aware due to the current climate, the certainty of things in day to day life has become lesser. This means that activities such as going to the gym, getting your favorite beauty treatments, and learning to drive have been affected.driving lesson

 How have driving lessons been affected?

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the lockdown lessons stopped for non-key workers and also key workers who didn’t have a test booked in. This meant that a lot of people who were progressing toward being ready for the test were stopped in their tracks which can have a big effect on student driving lessons.

For students who were close to passing this can be a stressful and uncertain time, lessons resumed for all non-key workers on the 6th of July but due to the restrictions put in place by the government, everything became a bit different. When in the vehicle all learners are required to wear a face mask unless exempt for medical reasons. The instructors are having to take time between lessons in order to fully wipe down any surfaces in the car and ensure that they are taking all precautions necessary.

It can be scary for people to return to life how it was pre-COVID-19 and also starting lessons after a break can cause a lot of back steps. 

What can you do to improve?

In order to improve your driving after lockdown ensure that you are having regular lessons with your instructor and that you are going back over anything you may have forgotten during the break. Do not feel embarrassed or like you’re not progressing if you have to go over something a few times, we all make mistakes!

What is happening with tests?

All practical and theory tests were stopped unless you were a key-worker who had an emergency test booked in. Tests resumed from the 22nd July. The DVSA is prioritizing anyone who had their test canceled during lockdown and ensuring that they are given the opportunity to rebook first but they are going to announce when people can book in a new test.

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