Hazard Perception

Hazard Perception Tips and Tricks

Firstly, how does the hazard perception test work?

At the beginning of the test, candidates are shown a video clip about how the test works, but it’s a good idea to get your head around this before you get to the test centre. There are plenty of practice hazard perception tests available online and via apps.

The test itself consists of fourteen video clips that feature road scenes you can expect during everyday driving, with at least one developing hazard – something that will cause you to take some form of action (for example changing direction or speed). There’s one clip in the test that will feature two hazards.

The method of measuring awareness and reaction to potential hazards is based on the candidate clicking a computer mouse for every hazard they recognize. Don’t go thinking you can get away with clicking frantically at everything that moves through.

What are the key tips for success for the hazard perception test? 

Get plenty of practice in! Practise as much as possible, whether that be at home or at SmartLearner Driving School’s theory centre! Some are perfectly fine with learning from home however at the SmartLearner Theory Centre we replicate the test environment to get you as familiar as possible. For more information please give us a call on 0800 118 2001.

Don’t click in a pattern! This ties into random clicking and guessing your answer. If you click in rhythm too often it WILL disqualify you. Do not over click  or else you will suffer the same fate. Be smart with your clicks and only click when you are sure you have identified a hazard.

Be aware! One of the clips in your test will have 2 hazards. Do NOT dose off after identifying one hazard as you may get caught off-guard and lose valuable marks!

Know your hazards! Be able to spot a hazard is important but firstly knowing what a hazard looks like is crucial. Research frequent road hazards if you are finding this difficult!

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