Learning to Drive in a Post-COVID World

Mark your calendar!

Learning to drive in Manual or Automatic? Driving, Theory, and Simulated lessons can all resume from the 12th April 2021. This date has been given by Boris Johnson (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) in a national press conference on 22nd of February 2021 where he unveiled his roadmap for relaxing lockdown restrictions in England.

In this plan, it was announced that Driving Tests/Lessons would resume no earlier than the 12th of April 2021. This is providing that the UK Government meets vaccination targets and COVID-19 cases continue to fall.

What does this mean for you?

We reopened our phone lines to the public on the 1st of March 2021 and have already managed to book over 80% of returning pupils. If you haven’t already called us on 0800 118 2001 to rebook we advise that you call us as soon as possible! Spaces for driving lessons are limited and we are booking diaries on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Our office is working reduced hours. The office phone lines are open 10 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday. However, if you prefer you can also email us at admin@smartlearner.com or contact your instructor directly to rebook.

Has your theory expired?

If your theory has expired or is going to expire before you sit your driving test, there is no way to extend this. Unfortunately, you will need to retake the theory test and pass before you can sit your driving test. You can rebook this already via the online booking service provided by the DVSA.

Beware! The theory test may not be what you remember. Every year the DVSA¹ changes the questions. Recently case studies were removed from the test and replaced by a video analysis section. If you feel like you want additional support we offer 1-2-1 in-office training which will be resuming from the 12th April 2021.

This service will cost £5 per hour. If you would like to book call us TODAY on 0800 118 2001.

Why intensive driving course has a good success rate?

Now, people are more inclined towards the Intensive driving course because they can get various benefits from short-term courses. Even, many driving schools offer amazing discounts on intensive or crash courses. People who do intensive driving courses have higher chances of passing qualifying driving exams as compare to individuals who do regular or traditional courses because of various reasons:

  • Retain information better

This is the main reason why these intensive courses are getting high success. In short-courses, you have less time in between the different driving sessions, which helps you in retaining all driving basics better. In regular courses, in some cases, students forget the previous lessons because of the long gaps.

Intensive driving course

  • More options

In the intensive courses, you will get more varieties; you can choose short hours-based driving lessons, including 5 and 10-hours course durations in both manual and automatic transmissions. In case of more available options, you are freer to choose your suitable course, which can adjust to your busy schedule. All these things make people more confident about passing the driving tests.

  • Less tiring

In short-term driving lessons, you don’t get tired easily. Here, you can learn to drive without exhausting yourself. When you first start learning, driving will be more exhausting for you. This is the main reason that even beginners choose intensive driving courses to avoid fatigue issues.

SmartLearner driving school professionals can help you in learning all types of intensive driving lessons. You can search for “Driving school near me” and you will get numerous certified and renowned driving schools in your region.

The rise of the automatic transmission driving lessons?

In recent times, more people are showing interest in learning Automatic Driving Lessons and the main reason behind this is the ongoing trend of automatic cars. Now, all big companies are launching upgraded automatic vehicles which make the driving very easy. In automatic transmissions, beginners can also understand the basics of driving in a quick time.

Another reason for the rising popularity of automatic Driving lessons is safety, when a trainee drives an automatic car, it allows him to focus more on the road ahead because of no worry of manually shifting gears. Because of this, new drivers prefer to learn automatic driving as compare to manual driving lessons.

Automatic Driving Lessons

Remember that, if you learn to drive in an automatic car, you will only be allowed to drive automatic vehicles as an automatic license only covers automatic cars whereas a manual car’s license allows you to drive both manual and automatic transmissions.

Before you start driving lessons, you should do research for the experienced and certified driving schools or instructors, or search as “Driving lessons near me and you will find numerous options near you. Also, you can take assistance from DVSA-approved SmartLearner driving school’s instructors, who are experienced and can also help you in choosing more suitable driving lessons for you.

What beginners prefer to learn automatic driving lessons?

Automatic driving lessons are easy to learn and most beginners prefer to learn driving with automatic transmissions. Nowadays, new innovative automatic cars are coming which makes the driving effortless. In recent times, people are also choosing automatic driving lessons because of the following reasons:

  • Good for beginners

Now, beginners are more interested in learning automatic driving as in this case, they don’t have to worry about changing the gears manually and also in traffics, they can drive smoothly. The other benefit is that it is less stressful to learn to drive an automatic transmission.

Learn automatic driving lessons

  • Safe to drive

The first-time drivers find automatic vehicles very safe as compare to manual transmissions.  If you don’t know any basics of driving then you can get confused in a manual car, but in automatic cars, you just need to focus on your driving skills as gears will be automatically shifted. The chances of accidents are less in automatic cars which makes them a safe choice for beginners.

  • require less time to learn

When you drive automatic transmissions, you can learn the driving quickly but in the case of manual driving, you have to be an expert in gear-shifting according to the speed which takes time to learn. In automatic cars, you are more relaxed about changing gears which helps you to learn automatic driving lessons in a quick time.

The all above points are the reasons that automatic driving lessons are popular among beginners. If you want to learn automatic driving, then you should find a certified Driving Instructor near you.

Search “Automatic driving lessons near me and you will find lots of options in your region.

How to prepare yourself for a driving school?

When you start to think about learning driving lessons, then you also need lots of motivation to make your mind prepare for learning driving. In the beginning, your journey of driving can be more stressful and confusing, hence it is important that you do these various things which are mentioned below, to prepare yourself for the driving:

Driving instructors

  • Research about topics that you will cover in a school

Read about all your state traffic laws and research on various topics which you will learn in your chosen driving school. By this, you will get confidence and will also understand some driving rules which will help you in learning driving more efficiently.

First, you should find the top driving schools in your region and do research to get the most suitable school to learn. For example; if you are a resident of “Leamington Spa”, then search “Driving lessons Leamington spa” and you will get numerous options for driving schools in that particular town.

If you want to do online courses, then be sure to look at comments and reviews from former students to get all information about that school.

  • Book your driving lessons ahead of time

It is better to book your in-car driving lessons in well-advanced so that you can manage your busy schedule. You should make sure to look at the accreditations of your driving school before choosing. Also, confirm the acceptance of that driving school in your state.

Driving instructors

  • Set up a driving agreement

Before you start your driving lessons, you should make an agreement with your driving school which includes the timings, rules on electronics in the car, where are you allowed to go while learning, and many more things. This agreement is very important if your teen goes driving.

For safety purposes, you should choose certified and experienced driving instructors such as “Driving instructors Leamington spa”.

Most confusing road signs

This article explains the seven most confusing road signs that the majority of people do not understand. We hope that after reading this article if you find yourself faced with one of the following signs you will feel confident you know what the instruction is.

T-junction with priority over vehicles from the right

T-junction with priority over vehicles from the right

This sign explains that although you are coming to a T-junction, the dotted lines on the road surface are indicating that the traffic approaching from the right need to give way. You are safe to continue, but keep an eye out for those who aren’t paying attention.

No Vehicles Carrying Explosives

No vehicles carrying explosives

This road sign only applies to a select few that are carrying explosives. For example a fireworks company. These vehicles are dangerous vehicles, you would keep your distance when following.

Loose road surface

loose road surface

This sign indicates whether a road’s surface Is loose, for example, gravel, it has been recently resurfaced etc. this warns drivers that they will need to drive carefully and slowly, loose particles can ruin paintwork etc. tyres will also have less grip on road surfaces.

Minimum Speed Limit

minimum speed limit

This sign looks a lot similar to a speed limit sign, although speed limit signs are red. The blue signs display the minimum speed you can do, unless unsafe to do so.

No vehicles except bicycles being pushed

No vehicles except bicycles being pushed

This sign means no vehicles. Usually, these circles give speed limits. Bicycles are able to be pushed through these roads, as they are not motor vehicles.

Vehicles may pass either side to reach the same destination

Vehicles may pass either side to reach same destination

This sign indicates to vehicles that they can pass on either side to reach the same destination. This can be confusing as this sign usually displays one arrow.

Overhead Electric Cable

Overhead electric cable

This sign indicates that there is an overhead cable, this can be specifically dangerous if your car comes in contact with it. If it is to fall closer to the road drivers would be at risk of being touched by this.

We hope you find this article interesting, as well as useful if you come across some of these confusing road signs when driving.

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