Coventry Driving School – Top manoeuvre tips

Practicing manoeuvres before your big day is essential, this article will advise you on the best ways to do this. Our Coventry Driving School has given you the best tips below. 

Firstly finding a quiet road is the best environment to practise manoeuvres on. Quiet roads typically have less cars that travel through them, this will allow you to have full concentration. A busy, main road would be a much more difficult environment, you may feel pressure from other drivers if they become annoyed or irritated. 

Using different quiet roads will give you lots of experience and different environments. As sticking to one road, you may become use to it. It will not be guaranteed you will go to this quiet street on the day of your test, even if you’re driving instructor takes you there on lessons. You do not want to annoy the local residents, so moving locations will prevent this. 

Coventry driving school - Quiet residential street, the best enviroment to complete your manoeuvres






If you are turning onto a road and there is already another learner on that road, move on and choose somewhere else. This way you will avoid putting pressure on the other learner whilst they are practising.

If you are doing bay parking, you would need to find a suitable car park. You would not choose to do this manoeuvre at busy times. For example 12:00pm in a restaurant car park would not be ideal, as this would be one of their busiest times. A retail car park would be best at later times from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm, these are the less busy times. 

Coventry driving school - A quiet resturant car park at its less busier times, perfect or bay parking

When carrying out a parallel park manoeuvre, if you find another car to be coming towards you, you need to stop. The other car will then either carry on around you and leave you to continue or they will stop and wait. If they carry on around you, you will need to stop and allow them to pass.

At SmartLearner we have plenty of qualified instructors that can help you with manoeuvres and provide their tips to making sure you find it as easy as possible.

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