The Process of Becoming an ADI (Driver Instructor)

SmartLearner provides the option and choice for individuals to train and become a driving instructor. SmartLearner ensures that instructor trainees are both given high-quality yet affordable tuition through their journey in becoming a qualified driving instructor.

Through this, individuals wishing to undertake training can reap the benefits of annually earning approximately £30,000 working full time. Trainees become their own boss, are ultimately in full charge of their scheduling, working within hours that are personally suitable and flexible to them, as well as receiving additional full support from the SmartLearner office, assisting with ADI’s success in their efforts with helping learners achieve their driving tests.

There are ultimately 6 steps to becoming an ADI or SmartLearner driving instructor.


The first step requires individuals to make sure that they are eligible in becoming an ADI. To become an instructor, one must be over the age of 21 and have had passed their driving test, with an experience of at least a minimum of 3+ years or more. Trainees are then to undergo a CRB (Criminal Record Check). In addition to this, there are 3 parts of an exam they must take, trainees must successfully pass this before awarded the name and title of being a fully qualified driving instructor. Though, before applying to undergo these tests, one must apply and receive their personal and unique PRN number.



The second step essentially requires learning instructors to undergo a theory test which is specified for driving instructors. The first part of the test will need learning trainees to ensure they know in-depth information regarding highway codes and the hazard perception test thoroughly. This test consists of 100 multiple choice questions with trainees requiring to successfully achieve a score of 85+ to pass through. With the hazard perception test, ADI trainees need to score 57 out of 75 to pass.

It should be noted though that there are unlimited attempts to taking these tests, however, each one will cost £81.00.



Part three of ADI training concentrates on the individual’s ability to drive, like the original test to receive the standard full driving test. SmartLearner provides 10 hours of lessons with an ORDIT approved trainer. Though, it should be further noted that ADI trainees will have a maximum of 3 attempts and no more. Each attempt would cost £111.00.



After passing the necessary driving test, ADI trainees are then required to take 40 hours of training with a qualified trainer. This will allow the learners to apply for a “pink badge” meaning that they can provisionally teach learners and subsequently earn for 6 months. This route is however optional, but if one does decide to go down the “pink badge” route, trainees will be able to take a pupil in which they are currently tutoring. This route requires ADI trainees to pay for 20 hours of additional training, on the other hand, this cost will be easily covered by the money that trainees are earning from lessons.



Alternatively, once ADI trainees have completed their requirements of 40 hours of training and when confident with their skills, they will be able to apply for their final test. This exam is ultimately about the trainee’s ability to teach a pupil. If trainees decide to go proceed straight for the exam, they will be required to find a full license holder who owns their own car.

Furthermore, it should be noted that ADI trainees will have a maximum of 3 attempts. Each test will cost around £111.00


Stage six is all about celebrations, as during this step, ADI trainees will be able to receive the title of a full driving instructor. All hard work, perseverance, and commitment have paid off! ADI will be able to reap the rewards.


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