Theory changes – scary times as begin!








Worried about continuing theory practise after the new changes? 

Going into the unknown can be a scary thought, recent changes have been made to the UK theory law. The DVSA have decided to change the theory test to include 3 multiple choice questions based on a short video clip.  

The theory test previously required you to read a case study and answer 5 questions about it. It now requires a short video clip and answer 3 multiple choice questions about the clip. 

You may be thinking how does this work, the video clip will be silent and you will be able to re-watch the clip throughout the 3 questions. 

During the questions you will be asked a variety of questions, including questions about hazards, other vehicles on the road and pedestrians etc.

In our Holbrooks based office we have 1-2-1 theory tuition with tutors, with the latest theory programmes, to help you practice the theory changes. 

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