Theory test – social distancing Coventry 

Changes have been made to the way that the theory test is being sat. Although the price is still the same (£23), social distancing is now in place. At least one metre needs to be kept from other individuals. 

Theory test

The test centres should have the following measures in place:


Floor markings, to ensure people follow arrows to entrances and exits. This way there is a one-way system to prevent people from crossing paths. 


Gaps between workstations, allow the one metre distance to be maintained. 


Cleaning workstations before a new candidate starts and once they leave will prevent the spread of coronavirus. Staff should make sure they are doing this. 


Using screens at the reception desk to keep staff safe, germs and bacteria cannot be spread this way. 


Hand sanitizer should be on hand before entering the centre and before leaving, to ensure any bacteria will be killed. 


Staff wearing face coverings to prevent bacteria coming from and entering the nose and mouth area, keeping it contained within the mask. 


Face coverings should be worn to your theory test unless you are exempt for medical reasons and hold a form of proof for this. 


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