Tips for driving safely in a heatwave

We all know how ‘close’ UK heat can feel, driving in these conditions can be am aggravating experience. The tips below will advise on how to make your journey more bearable and to make sure you are driving safely.

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Sun visors

Use your sun visor when vision is impacted by the sun, this will ensure you have full visibility. A pair of sunglasses are also a good way to block the sun, for those who are shorter in height sunglasses may be a preferred option although extenders for sun visors can be bought to block the sun.


Air-con can be a lifesaver, especially in UK heatwaves. To get the full impact of air-con, turn on your air-con at the beginning of your journey. This will cool down the car quicker. You can face your air vents directly towards you or pointed to the roof of the car to circulate air.

Appropriate footwear

We understand that during a heatwave, trainers can become uncomfortable and hot. Sandals may feel better, but they do not have as much grip. We recommend keeping a pair of trainers in your car to drive in, which you can then change once you have arrived at your destination.

Keep a drink nearby

If your journey is going to be a long one, take a drink to stay hydrated. Drink responsibly, if it is safer to pull over to drink, please do so.

Parking in shade

Parking in a shaded spot will help to keep the vehicle cool, you can also get a car sun shade for your window that stops heat from getting into the vehicle. When you get back in it will be cool, this is a good method if passengers are children.


The engine may overheat, it is important to pull over as soon as possible when safe to allow this to cool down or to call for assistance if needed. This can potentially cause damage not easy to fix.


Avoid driving at peak times, you do not want to be stuck in traffic when there is a heatwave. This made lead to you becoming agitated, especially after a long day at work. You may want to delay your journey to ensure driving safety.

On your lessons, your instructor will be able to give tips on how to drive in heatwaves.

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