Ever wondered, why should I learn to drive? This article aims to give you reasons to finally take the step to getting on the road. As soon as you turn 17, in the UK you can begin to learn how to drive. Learning to drive has many benefits, such as a sense of independence, job opportunities, and responsibility.  

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Learning to drive will give you a sense of independence, you will no longer need to rely on forms of public transport. You do not need to wait for a bus to arrive, you can decide to start your journey when you want to, and you will have a better chance of arriving on time.  You do not have to follow a set route like you do when traveling on a bus. If you know a shorter way you can take this route, rather than having to go on bus routes. There are also no stops to pick up other people. This can add on time to a journey. 

You will no longer need to ask lifts of family or friends, you will save money as you do not need to fork out petrol money after each lift. Asking for lifts you have to plan around the person giving a lifts schedule. Whereas driving yourself, when you want to go somewhere you can. 


If you live in an area that is rural, there may not be as many jobs or limited jobs that are near. This means you will need to travel further, possibly to the closest city. Some jobs require a driving license, if you do not have one, your application may be rejected. When it comes down to yourself and a candidate that can drive, the candidate that can drive will be more favorable. Having a license you can apply for jobs that require you to drive, such as a delivery driver or even a driving instructor. 


Learning to drive young, you will gain a driving license card. The majority of bars and clubs only accept ID in the form of a driving license or passport. A bank card size form of identification is a lot easier to carry than a passport. A driving license is also cheaper to replace rather than a passport. 


We would recommend learning to drive as early as possible. This is because the cost of learning and the cost of cars is rapidly increasing. When you are younger you have a higher chance of learning quicker and picking things up fast. The younger you are the more years of experience you will gain since passing as opposed to someone who is 30-40 years old. Being in this age group you are also more likely to have more responsibilities, such as bills, a family, and a house.  

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