Your First Driving Lesson: Tips and What to Expect

A lot of questions and queries can arise when you are booking your first driving lesson- it can even be a nerve-racking experience, but there is nothing to worry about once you know the basic steps and what to expect.

Some helpful tips are:

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What to expect:

So this section will go through the process of the lesson and what to expect.

First of all your instructor will arrive at the agreed location and time of the lesson you booked with them in advance; you will need your provisional licence in order to partake in the lesson otherwise you cannot drive the car.

Your instructor will introduce themselves and ask a few questions of your experience; have you driven before? What do you know so far? They may mention the term POM (position, observations, manoeuvre), if you haven’t heard of this term before the instructor will go through it with you and explain some basics.

Once you and the instructor are ready to go, they will take you to a starter location- this will usually be somewhere quiet so that you can get to grips with the car without the disruption of frequent traffic. When you have arrived the instructor will explain parts of the car you will need to use such as the clutch, brakes, accelerator, the gear stick if it is a manual car (if it is automatic the car will not have a gear stick), handbrake, the wheel and the indicators.

Moving off and stopping will be the next thing you cover. The instructor will swap seats with you as this will be the part where you get to begin driving. They may practice this with you a few times until you become more comfortable and confident with it.

After this they will teach you some general driving on the roads and increase the level of what you are doing depending on your level of confidence with what the instructor has taught you so far.

Overall it is mostly an introductory process for the first lesson as it gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the car and instructor. Based on how your first lesson goes the instructor will make tailored decisions on what to advance to on the next lesson- they will reorganise the time and date with you at the end of the session.

Learning to drive for the first time can be scary but it’s really nothing to worry about, you will become comfortable and confident in no time.

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